Yo, I'm the Ancient of Days (pretty f'ing sure) -- who are u? VERILY, VERILY, VERILY ... MITHEY? NOSTRILY? THEYANTHEM?

Who do you think you are... trying to be a big star? ... quite a bit of this message ... or my contribution ... revolves around a reframing of "perspective' and/or addition of previously hidden "light" personally relating to me or my understanding of this message.  For instance, "Moses" and "Roses" specifically changed over the course of my understanding of "what's going on" from an acroinym for "Messiah of Sea to Shining Sea" and  "Heart of Southeast Colored Glasses Pretty Girls" to ... "sea to stars" .... I seys is totally related to seeing "counting stars" changing in meaning and understanding from "stars in the sky" to "the stars are people ... working towards delivering freedom and heaven to the Universe" ... also connected probably to seeing "military formation" in Thunder and the stars on the USA flag turning into something closer to the European Union flag of "sitting around a table" except not just 13 or 12 or whatever.  Counting higher...

Quite a bit of this revolves around a message connecting the phrase "THE ELECTION IS NOT TO THE VOTING BOOTHS" to the key date in my personal life of 6/23 which is a connection in names to a cousin and an "ex" that link "MAR" and "JAN" to the "SEA" of Eden ... as in January and a link between Julian/Adam/Nanna and "Seth/Eve/Adam" ... this upcoming 6/23 is once again ... their birthday--and I hoped it would light up some eyes in a sort of "sea to shining sea" to "whole of humanity to stars" sort of way like an early July 4; a birthday for the free "OneRepublic" that came from the letter "a" surrounding "the" in the words "for the republic" since I don't see one, anywhere.  It was something of a "gift" in my eyes, trying to change Heavenly Kingdom everywhere to something you don't seem to think matters--the fact that if you don't have this message, and a discourse about mind control in the news and in history you don't have an election won by people, or by ideas--you literally have every election won by Ecclesiastes 9:11 scaring you into not talking about 9/11. and why it's the heart of a message delivering freedom from "silence."

I have LOTS of entry points for this message, but "CHURLISY/GATE.html also called YOUANDI.SOMENDOMESSAGETOSKIES.COM" as a specific connection to TWENTY THREE and also ... uhhh... oh, right; AGAINNOTEXACTLYY/REASON.thml (and it's original SRSLYRUY/ATCONGRESS.CHRTSPC) are good places to start.

It's not "the best" written or looking piece, but it's ... sort of a combined history with actual history and ... 

previously, HG.S.TAY and the ORIVODKA'AL version. (that says "original" in schupid)

layout: post title: The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His public-servants, the things which must shortly take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel .. Rev 1 date: '2017-06-13T06:48:00.000-07:00' author: Adam M. Dobrin tags: modified_time: '2017-10-14T05:30:35.126-07:00' blogger_id:, blogger_orig_url: ./2017/06/the-revelation-of-jesus-christ-which.html

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From: Adam M. Dobrin <[email protected] UTAH>
Date: Sun, Feb 12, 2017 at 2:50 PM
Subject: Fwd: The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His public-servants, the things which must shortly take place; and He sent and communicated it by His angel .. Rev 1

My mother used to tell me stories 
Of a world we couldn’t see 
She told me to look deeper, darling 
See what’s underneath
Cos darling, we are chandeliers 
Hanging on a twilight sky 
Coming out to play at night
Only stardust in my eyes

so many stories I can tell--just a few days ago, mabye weeks now... for some reason I started describing what it is--this place you too are describing, and all i care about is whether you know--and i must imagine you see it. i started talking about a place where people think they're stars; but really something like a monopoly game--a map to the strange and (to me, so foreign this is as good a description as I come across) hidden world of a Heaven where our "social networks" our, bubbles of houses or family and friend circles an neighborhoods and ... ... where it's star systems, where my dad's "per se" raining down in the "perseids" from some far off place where Cassiopeia and TI-89's are linked by more than "U2" and Spu2nik and ... and some thing or place described in the words "uninversal truth" that could mean just about anything other than what I see visibly around me--here in this place where I think that's the Universal Truth. the voice of the character or entity that I call god; some time around the part of the "I'm imagining a place where people have bought the names and locations of stars" probably in some kind of meta-game--like buying "Bored Walk" or .... the "Central Park Pool" and still probably or maybe with intent or maybe not... of one day actually having something to do with what's in the star system--or maybe I have it all backwards. he says, sort of a voice over while I'm speaking ... "he's just guessing." the markup, the connotation is that it's "JUST AMAZING" how spot on I am; at least that's what I'm reading as he's saying it; while I'm describing the place I'm coming to realize I might actually never seen--even though I'm sure I had something to do with dreaming it all up. I look back on it, and now I sort of read into it that he was suggesting he was putting words in the ink of his pen; I mean in my mouth, and ... and I guess that's the truth, but it's not how it felt when it was happening. It felt real, I felt real when I was dreaming up the place that clearly already existed--right down to the prophetic initials of my father in some fabled cyclical meteoric event--right down to "Merry Christmas" in Spanish, or "prophets" in Hebrew.

For clarification, those words are "Feliz Navidad" and "Navi'im" ... if you don't know my father's name is "Ivan Bruce Dobrin." He's generally nice--except now embodies the "microcosm of silence" just about perfectly--as in--I think he's actually crazier than me (and you are ... too, AT ALL).

Here was my follow up to my reporter group, which I connect to CLYMENE because of ALMOST FAMOUS; literally... "reporters, not the enemy--why many more are saved." You'll note once again the anachronism of "ENEMY" backwards in Greek is an anachronistic proof of timetravel--something that should in all honesty be on the news or you are robots/maniquins/demons.

Adam Marshall DOBRIN <[email protected] UT EC "LATIN: TO AND FRO" ... "MA C HI NEO">

Jun 12, 2019, 9:51 AM (2 days ago)
to CONTACT, bcc: i
As a brief commentary, I'm not sure how many people would instantly respond to the name of Janet's band ... with exactly what I did--with a "lit" and "linked" connection to the game Paper, Rock and Scissors--it's almost impossible to believe and be sure that this connection is part of the original intent of naming tjheir band "Running with Scissors" ... or realize perhaps that the "missing Rock" in our "head" another unintentionally or perhaps near perfect reference to Zeus and the idea that the Minervan core of his mind is .. quite literally the world we see around us here.  Minerva, encased within the mind of God.

Rock; paper, opinion... shoot?!

I'm sharing this today because this song literally re-ignited my ... somewhat waning and nearly lost belief that there are still people here who want to see "opinions" (and even, perhaps "hands" return to the process of ascension that I'd all but given up on ever returning to see "heroes" or "heroine" or "avenues" connecting Heaven and Hell's Kitchen.  

I know, you should look around you and see a significant ... somewhat strange "doublehollering" of assistance and echoes and additions and ... what have you to the message that is ... an outline of a legend of an overlay to the Map that connects our Atlas to the Matrix to ... well, to these roads to futures once-or-more-taken and yet to me completely hidden.  It's that though, that they're hidden completely to me, these futures, and "Indian Pines" and ... and nearly any kind of direct comment or addition other than,

"We hear you, Adam."  I even have a friend on Facebook named "Adam Speaks" as if we need to be reminded.  I wonder if that person comes from a time where speaking is rare, and if you find that thought or possibility, that a "Last Supper" did away not just with hunger or our need for "23 complete amino acid chains" but also with conversation .... 

... scary?

Tash (Narnia)

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For other uses, see Tash (disambiguation).

Tash is a fictional deity found in C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia series. He is an antagonist in the novels The Horse and His Boy and The Last Battle.

Tash is the patron god of the ruling class of Calormen. The Calormene capital is named Tashbaan, and the Tisrocs and Tarkaans and Tarkheenas all claim descent from Tash. The worship of Tash is the only formal religion depicted in the world of Narnia, except that the people of Narnia honour the memory of Aslan, a great lion who was killed and returned from the dead many generations before. There are temples to Tash, Calormenes regularly use ritual phrases such as "Tash the inexorable, the irresistible" and "Tash preserve us", and he is the only being referred to by any character in the books as a god. At the end of the series, Tash is revealed as the antithesis of Aslan (who represents Jesus), and appears as a terrible demon, with a skeletal, humanoid body, a vulture-like head, and four taloned arms.

"this is your final notice."
Hey, here's some loosely compiled stuff I wrote in the last few days; sort of ancillary or additional to what I've been sending to you this week.  I realize I've been busy doing what I always do--which is fighting desperately not to lose the "additional communication" that I get when I am using the "holy Manna of Exodus" to help us get out of the desert of slavery that ... that you thinking you can or should hide "salt me" as NAME and "salt ICS" as the New American Standard for NAVY ...

More to the point fighting the dreaded evil that apparently comes with that additional communication--the idea that it is reality or that it is "actually there" or that it will continue to exist--it won't--that's the whole point of this excercize in "rejuvination of the soul and souls of creation" that is the Immaculate Conception of a Virgin Generation.  Along those lines; let's try and talk about and eradicate the idea that chanting "he's a victim" with sarcastic idiocy actually makes me "not a victim."  Whatever is being tortured in this place--for telling the truth, or working for free, or being forced with mind control to do drugs and live out a torturous story of ... Exodus from Slavery ... that thing is a victim.  I consider myself a freedom fighter and you'll never convince me that I'm not.

The day you actually "have real freedom" as in you aren't evil shit and aren't not talking about what you want to talk about at the same time; I think you'll thank me--and I still hope enough people will see the light of Romeo LOVING THE ROUND TABLE to actually see that the second we effectuate a user interface to the "round table of the software of the road" that's ... a virtual matrix jack that connects to NO JACK CITY and lets us vote with our minds and end crazy with software and end drug addiction with software and end pain with software and create a system and inftrastructure for ... neurological software programs as medicine ... and memory managers for the things we become; things that have memories far too large over centuries and millenium to not have a "memory manager for ..." well, like, I think that's going to help solve the drought of the Nile that's kept me from having any romance or conversation for the last 4 years--literally for the first time since I turned 17.

often times I think of special names or combinations of words that I think might make a good "book title." book titles are important to me, as are song titles and ... band titles and ... names--for instance. today's word, which has nothing to do with Hermann Park in Houston nor Derek Ferreal or even Paul Rubens ... today's word is:


"EC" has become a key two letters that you can see in places like #detectiveand #nectar and here paired with the strangity of the word "desecration" in a palace where I believe god still has absolute power--even to artificially inflate the thing he's rationing (except maybe not if he's rationing goodness or graciousness or ... love from me)--and those first three letters have ubiquitously become somehow synonymous in my head with "evil encryption" hiding and darkness--coined here in some backwards and basic encryption standard with the word "DATA" preceding it, where I might have preferred "digital" as in the DMCA and also connecting to fingers on hands and the special "Al" of ... gee, I hope I am the storm.

Rationing here, with small spaces left in the minds of those of you who might read the words I saw and not appreciate or interpret "flowery speech" and circumlocution as some kind of sardonic artistic design or rendering of a special flavor of "artistic liscene" ... to take a spelling error in the Nicene Cred one step further ... I mean what does God have to ration, and does that imply wer are somehow in some kind of federated space where he's not actually in control of everything. Does the "tabvle of Earth" we sit on actually literally connect the disparate nodes of a giant and Holy raid array in the sky; and ... and has #DESCREATION somehow been precognitively laid down in this place in preparation for this moment where I wonder with all my digits except one if that other thumb has a purpose. More than just scarring and commemorating the intentional smashing of a window in Kentucky the day I wasn't Job ever again.

My other clear "guess" is that he just doesn't want us to know he's secretly behind the artificial inflation and masterminding of the ridiculous "team desecration" of his name and his face and what is clearly not his soul or his actual mind--something you should see makes him quite the #desecrator if true ... and frankly it's almost a sure thing that this too... this too is true. God tends to play both sides, and even make them polarize significantly when he's sure he's right about "ridiculousness."

  •  just "coined" this word independently--used it in an email this week, in a series of four that are almost all listed here http://TOTALLYWHYONINEVITARUM/INDIANA.html 

    i think the "TA" from Metatron/North and say "contamination" are obvious introductions to what it is; "turn around" the "sh" of ... say Shaddai and shadow. pretty obviously "end the silence." it might be less obvious to understand "contamination" ... as seeing that what is here, this idea that "ination" or "IL" is 

    ... either good or a joke and should be hidden ... the idea is that it is neither good, nor a joke--and it certainly should not be hidden. I see where we are as a sort of designed "this place is the Trojan Horse that ends all slavery" ... and Troy is well underway.

    we should probably change slavery to "sholavery" or something, along with FUTA Q ... and I fight digressing into what people either see or pretend to see as gibberish.

    "HS" to me is a clear reference to Pine Crest, where I went to high school, probably not as clear to the rest of the world is that isaying turn around "Pine Crest" is just like saying turn around Florida or turn around the USA in the heart of Jerusalem. Equally pertinent is seeing USA can easily be replaced with "AN means ALL NATIONS" or "hidden NWO" or the "IL" of Israel, Illinois (hi *rents/ecb) or it's Norse counterpart in "Yggrasil" and "INATION." http://ITSREALLYNOTWYURHI/KANSAS.html 

    It's seeing that the "contamination message" of ... wanting to be "ET rather than free" is something of a Trojan Horse, designed to fail--designedto show us how to achieve freedom and that we need to be actively involved in "ascension" and "government" to ever get to a place where technology and people co-exist .... "with freedom." It's Troy, again, seeing the "Fifth Column" of the TV series V ... or whatever

    ... the "resistance in Star Wars" or ... Rebel Alliance ... really seeing the "work" that's gone into connecting Rebel Alliance to RA and ... and that it's certainly a "resistance mindset" that could ever make Ra or the "Him of Ination" ... well, "Captain America" and still that's the point of this place where America is Troy and the statement "Am Everyone Really; Really c I Captain America" actually makes some kind of sense.
If you aren't getting "THAT" from whatever "NO ... KNOW NOW" puts in your heads, or "SLAMDAY" translates the website and the message as saying; really understand the words: contaimination, FLUKE, and SHADE and see that hiding this message and hiding discourse and response to it ... that's the contaimination--and leaving us believing we are "Borg and we wanna be" or you're pretending you are just "E here" while ... who knows what you're hiding from yourselves and each other and rational response in this place of "actual frecqm hardware" (as in SEE M ON RANDOMIZE TIMER) ... well, hiding a response in a place with working brains and working neurotransmitters and working random--that's the beginning of the EMPIRE of .... I'm sure you think it's you, and I'm sure you see it's not ... is it me?

véspera f (plural vésperas)

  1. eve
    Casaram-se na véspera de Natal.They married on Christmas Eve.
Translations of ver
Conjugate: VES,: YOU SEE
ver, consultar, mirar, conocer, imaginarse, procurar
oír, escuchar, saber, ver, sentir, entender
ver, considerar, mirar, contemplar, examinar, aprobar
ver, mirar, observar, vigilar, contemplar, tener cuidado
In Slavic mythologyPerun (Cyrillic: Перýн) is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of skythunderlightningstormsrainlawwarfertility and oak trees. His other attributes were firemountainswindiriseaglefirmament (in Indo-European languages, this was joined with the notion of the sky of stone[2]), horses and cartsweapons (hammeraxe (Axe of Perun), and arrow), and war. He was first associated with weapons made of stone and later with those of metal.[3]

n Greek mythology, Hesperus /ˈhɛspərəs/ (Ancient Greek: Ἓσπερος Hesperos) is the Evening Star, the planet Venus in the evening. He is the son of the dawn goddess Eos (Roman Aurora) and is the half-brother of her other son, Phosphorus (also called Eosphorus; the "Morning Star").

Adranus or Adranos (Greek: 'Αδρανός) was a fire god worshipped by the Sicels, an ancient population of the island of Sicily. His worship occurred all over the island, but particularly in the town of Adranus, modern Adrano, near Mount Etna.[1][2] Adranus himself was said to have lived under Mount Etna before being driven out by the Greek god Hephaestus, or Vulcan. According to Aelian, about a thousand sacred dogs were kept near his temple in this town.[3] According to Hesychius, Adranus was said to have been the father of the Palici, born to Adranus's lover, the nymph Thalia.

Some modern commentators have suggested that Adranus may have been related to the similarly named gods Adar and Adrammelech (from Persia and Phoeniciarespectively), who were also personifications of the sun or of fire in general.[4]

The Desert of Paran or Wilderness of Paran (also sometimes spelled Pharan or FaranHebrew: מִדְבַּר פָּארָן, Midbar Pa'ran), is a location mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It is one of the places where the Israelites spent part of their 40 years of wandering after the Exodus, and was also a home to Ishmael, and a place of refuge for David.

In Islamic tradition, it has often been equated with an area of the Hejaz.

This name derives from the Hebrew “pâ'ar > pâ'rân”, meaning “to glorify, beautify, adorn”. Paran is a Hebrew bible place in which the Israelites spent part of their 40 years of wandering after the exodus, and was also a home to Ishmael, and a place of refuge for David.

In the Quran, the father of Mary, mother of Jesus is known as Imran (ʿImrān). In the Quran, a whole chapter, Al Imran, is named after his family. The name is mentioned in several locations and it is said that his family was one of those preferred over all of God's creatures: "Lo! Allah preferred Adam and Noah and the Family of Abraham and the Family of 'Imran above (all His) creatures."[Quran 3:33 (Translated by Pickthall)]

Uranus (from the Latin name Ūranus for the Greek god Οὐρανός) is the seventh planet from the Sun. It has the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus is similar in composition to Neptune, and both have bulk chemical compositions which differ from that of the larger gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. For this reason, scientists often classify Uranus and Neptune as "ice giants" to distinguish them from the gas giants. Uranus' atmosphere is similar to Jupiter's and Saturn's in its primary composition of hydrogen and helium, but it contains more "ices" such as water, ammonia, and methane, along with traces of other hydrocarbons.[14] It is the coldest planetary atmosphere in the Solar System, with a minimum temperature of 49 K (−224 °C; −371 °F), and has a complex, layered cloud structure with water thought to make up the lowest clouds and methane the uppermost layer of clouds.[14] The interior of Uranus is mainly composed of ices and rock.[13]

Iran, also called Persia, and officially the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a country in Western Asia. With over 81 million inhabitants, Iran is the world's 18th most populous country. Its territory spans 1,648,195 km², making it the second largest country in the Middle East and the 17th largest in the world. Wikipedia

Prussia (/ˈprʌʃə/; German: Preußen, pronounced [ˈpʁɔʏsn̩] ( listen)) was a historically prominent German state that originated in 1525 with a duchy centred on the region of Prussia on the southeast coast of the Baltic Sea.

Major General Richard Vernon Secord, Retired (born July 6, 1932), is a United States Air Force officer with a notable career in covert operations. Early in his military service, he was a member of the first U.S. aviation detachment sent to the Vietnam War in August 1961, Operation Farm Gate. Secord left Vietnam in 1965 to attend Air Command and Staff College. Afterwards, he returned to Southeast Asia, being detailed to the Central Intelligence Agency for duty in the Secret War in Laos. While in Laos, he was responsible for several notable military actions. One was the Battle of Lima Site 85. Another was the only successful prisoner of war rescue of the Vietnam War. Both of these came about because of his responsibilities for overseeing the operations of the Royal Lao Air ForceAir America, and Raven FACs.

Oliver Laurence North (born October 7, 1943) is an American political commentator, television host, military historian, author, and retired United States Marine Corps lieutenant colonel. He was convicted in the Iran–Contra affair of the late 1980s, but his convictions were vacated and reversed, and all charges against him dismissed in 1991.

North is primarily remembered for his term as a National Security Council staff member during the Iran-Contra affair, a political scandal of the late 1980s. The scandal involved the illegal sale of weapons to Iran to encourage the release of U.S. hostages then held in Lebanon. North formulated the second part of the plan, which was to divert proceeds from the arms sales to support the Contra rebel groups in Nicaragua, which had been specifically prohibited under the Boland Amendment. North was granted limited immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying before Congress about the scheme.

From 2001 to 2016, North hosted War Stories with Oliver North on Fox News.

I am accepting charitable donations,. (and... I'm broke, literally unable to afford shelter. (and in my mind, in possession and delivering for free... "the treasure at the end of the leprachaunau ...))

TREASURE: C the "N" in Newton, Reno, at St. Louis... and "ARC"

layout: post title: Verily, I say unto you... "ver" means "to see." date: '2017-06-09T21:02:00.003-07:00' author: Adam M. Dobrin tags: modified_time: '2017-06-09T21:02:16.904-07:00' blogger_id:, blogger_orig_url: ./2017/06/verily-i-say-unto-you-ver-means-to-see.html

Found, somewhere between the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

if you climb over the babel, you miss the good stuff; of course, at "ver if i able" you'll probably be more convinced.  Long hair, don't care? -Samson

to see I am him, and why.... (and how)

To see, you c "a" in Isa (is "a" and the Islamic name for Jesus), Rhea (are he "a?" connected to "is ra el?" as brides of God) in Avril (wink, are I El? Advil). Ramada (and Secret Samadhi), I see "Ka" at the end of Veruka Salt (Matthew 5:13Genesis 19:26, the Sign of the Son) from Willy Wonka, by sheer will alone.  You probably don't see God calling his son a little girl, but after seeing the "feminine" used to define the Eye of Ra (and knowing I see I am that), Ha'thor (that's the "ha" part) it comes as no surprise at all to me that he might just think I'm a little cry baby.  Still, when I tell you "daddy I want it now" is about ending Hell and helping us build Heavennow, I think you'll probably agree with me.. I have his best interest, yours, and mine all wrapped up in one "why on Earth are we waiting?"  Verily, I say to you, "IL" is part of the ILIAD, of Avril juxtaposed with ADvil; the "l" of Ellison's Oracle, in "Michelin" (message I see, he "l") probably relating to the "ll" at the end of Hell that re-all-y should turn into a "y."

Listen, this "l" is in "l is ten" in eleven, in twelve, in Achilles' he-El (as opposed to He-ra) and it does mean "God."   For those of you interested in the difference between Ra and El (and reticant to click links and solve the puzzle) it has something to do with "see our light" connecting SOL and the Statue of Liberty, and the Sons of Liberty; and the lamp of Judah Maccabee (the Lion of Revelation 5:5, the last scion... and our most recent "sign") whose name means... Hammer... the "men or ah?" that solves the "ah" in The Holy Grail of Leah, Sarah, Rebekkah and Shekinah by connecting all these brides together with Eve and Mary.

ver if i able

"To see" if am able... to prove that there is a hidden "macaronic" language connecting Yankee Doodle to Shakespeare's Taming of the Spanglishrew.... and King's Langolier.  Also connected are Rodney King and RattleRod.  Quite a bit of this, actually, is about pre-crime, and seeing our justice system actually provide justice as well as a benefit to society--as opposed to today where it does neither.  To see more Spanish words used as keys, try the "es" in Jesus and the "El" in Elisha and of course sea the "mar" in Mary, Mars, and Marshall. The sea shall see how all.  

"He stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni..csee?"

While we are on the subject of "seeing" the truth... connecting the "Si' in Genesis to the movie the Fifth Element and the letters AD... and the chip manufacturer AMD to see "israel" as a glowing sign that we are most likely on "the verge" of a Revelation about what the words "on the Earth as it is in Heaven" actuallmean.

If you weren't sure if it was strange or not that "proof in every word" and a great many television shows, movies, and songs were being largely ignored not just by the mass media, but by the social networks we have created to serve our own news... well, now you can be sure.  It's strange alright, and it's really making me wonder.  

Here's the point, its all proof; through one avenue or another, that we are living in a virtual world; like the Matrix.  With that knowledge, and the map of religion before us and everywhere we look--that's a glowing request to end world hunger, to heal the sick; and to see that the miracles of the NT link directly to Windows Enterprise Edition, to Gene Roddenberry and to the Iron Rod that links Herod to Shaking a Speare about the question... the question that drives us

I say the answer comes to us by way of the Fifth Element; it's link to Beryllium and Boron; don't get bored because elementally speaking those are the 4th and 5th.  But when AD comes along, he says 14 means more than 5 alone, and Silicon is highlighted not just as "nth" letter's symbolic counterpart; but as the company that bears the initials of the messiah and his glowing arrow in their logo.  American Micro Devices.  

So I mean, this is God's message, it's tying movies about ending darkness and saving the world to chip manufacturers, and names and symbols flying high overhead everywhere you look.  It's a message that the OP ... the NT itself; it said that each and every one of us would do these things if we had the magical ability to stop babies from starving, and to give sight to the blind.

Here's some sight for the blind; it doesn't look like you are doing anything, to me.  You must have some reason for not caring what God has to say, for not discussing it; and at the same time apparently being completely oblivious to his message in 1984 and how it relates to the censorship you see just before you.  He's probably trying to help us survive; to learn that we can't just ignore Hell and expect it to miraculously disappear when we die, I mean, that's what everyone thinks, right?

to see it, perhaps, "it" is proof, as truth.


sea of "n" after seeing "t" is Christ, what will it take to convert you... to loving fun, family, and freedom?

see the light of "ver" in "clover," L, and CK.

.... powered by the the light of SOL ...

Many questions in the AMDuat, found between Amistad, Jerusalem, and YAD?

Announcing the discovery of a hidden message from God all over your everything.

Let there be light"
— Adam

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2017 / -- In the living manifestation of the Egyptian book of the Underworld--the AMDuat--songs secretly asking the question "Am I saint AD?" begin to tie together a two-letter key to the Rock of Heaven that reads in Hebrew "Shaddai" and with the Eye of Ra (the focus of the Egyptian book) "see how AD da eye." Starkly contrasted from the key "artificial intelligence" that Adonai explains is "Adam Dobrin" expounding "on," we stand at the foot of a Revelation that this very auspicious time in the history of humanity has been walked before, and today we have guidance from above coming to us from the likes of Mr. Anderson... both of The Matrix and the novel Feed.

Yesterday's question "Who-ah," answered through Dr. Seuss, Dr. Who, and now the ineffable name of God in light of the Egyptian "Yahu," as ... Ya-who-ah? The Hebrew name for Christ echoes "Yes, hua?" and for reasons that will become clearer and clearer, the C.AD Card of Jean Luc shows that seeing my name is a key to why "by no other" does our worlds secret message from God begin to be unlocked.

Today's question is "J er the USA the m" ess...ianic... message that brings about the discussion at the heart of the word "wisdom," about this immaculately conceived transition out of darkness and into the light of day. Reading backwards, while we are still pondering "why A.D." is a bright connection to the Hebrew word for the Hand of God; we are just shy of "day."

At the year ADIB and Christ of Pursuit of Happiness and ... the name of our timeline we have approached "walking on water" and are at the Horizon. Upon reading the name of the city of Dendera and its Holy message of Revelation in the temple of Ha'thor... the Den of Ra is lit, along with every word and every wick.

Lots of hidden messages in nearly every single name, and then every word starts a cascade of enlightenment that bridges the gap between a number of references to this hidden language that tie rattling a rod to the taming of "Spanglishrew" all the way to King's Langoliers... not outliers--we'll see; and even the character Cypher in the Matrix ... whose depiction of the hidden code sheds some light on how "The Matrix" movie is part of the answer to that question.... what is the Matrix?

Proof of design is a good beginning answer, and the purpose of design to focus our attention on just how important this time period is in the development of humanity... this place where Neo's words "I know kung fu" are juxtaposed with a kindling of understanding at just how powerful the technology behind that learning experience is... so powerful that it was able to hide the keys of "Anu" and "Eve" from the entire world ... now seeing that each and every one of our names has a hidden connection to the unsealing of religion, to seeing the book of Names is Exodus and that freedom itself depends largely on the dissemination and understanding of this message that turns out to be a big part of everything we are and do.

With Holy Purpose, the Matrix's message becomes clearer as we link the "rod" of Christ to names like Rodney King and Roddenberry; showing us with more clarity how the technologies of Heaven might be used in order to help us build a better world.

What if you had just one question?

Mine would be:

To help everyone... I am the Legend, of the map to Heaven.

annotation, #midrash; perhaps another exposition on the "merits of Allol."

#fredomandabsolutpower be from and for us.

Throughout this story is an underlying theme, it's "original sin" on it's head. I am describing a situation in which I see a huge number of players and myself being coerced... influenced in order to tell a story. This story happens to "originate" linearly in ancient myths, in scripture, and it reveals a significant amount of "light" that has been tucked away over the ages in things like the names of religions and the prophets. It's a story that really needs to be seen, analyzing the subtleties of what is being revealed and how it is being done is fundamental to ensuring freedom. Things like "predestination" and it's inherent relationship to a lack of freewill aren't clearly discussed, but literally come alive being manifest in things like illogical self-destructive behavior. Truth be told, I can only imagine that it took something this shocking to really wake us up to the problems that technology might have caused in a place that did not benefit from the #incendiary realization that we live in transformative times.

This is intro that went along with the "mock article" below:

I have no doubt that this is the story that God has designed to change the world. Nor do I doubt it is very different from the one you have been expecting, if you ... expected anything.

I have a criminal record, which I'm sure any of you seriously investigating this have already found out. Since nobody talks to me, and I see very little action at the book... which clearly explains what is in this article; I can only assume that there is a lack of interest because of it. I will remind you that our Bible is filled with prophets... from Jeremiah to Joseph who were incarcerated, and that Jesus himself was tried by Rome, Maryland. This is a story designed to fundamentally change criminal justice, and hopefully to open our eyes to a road block that comes directly from secrecy and censorship surrounding the existence of technology and it's relationship to government... one which is so fundamental to not only this story.. but to all of creation, that there is no doubt"every eye will see.'


you might lsoe your "IC" or even your "CON"


As an addendum, this is an explanation "AN" of Satan and Christianity and Messianic are all things I call an "anorism" and pronounce "anyeurism" ... I'm sure it's the reason Nirvana has a song titled that--and it's a ... key to the "TER" of Jupiter and Carpenter and the "Adam to Everyone" of EMBLEM .. with me screaming "hey, what about me?" to everE ... 

I suppose I should mention that "AN" as in Guardian, American, Mexican, Canadian, etc... is a morphingly defined from "Adams Name" to the pillars of Adam's name which are A and N see "Adam Dobrin" and that connects to Asgard and "Atlantis" as the key word defined by the pillars "AS" which have something to do with turning around Satan, CYAS (on that page, somehwere)--and that has something to do with understanding the meaning of "S" in the context of "IUPPITER OMNIPOTENSOCIETY-STABILITY" or whatever I said it was at first, the same meaning--the "S" of ICS connecting to ... ending anarchy with something like the fabled Social Contract that Locke links to Jefferson and the Declaration of Intradepens.  

It's interesting to me to also connect Allol here, which shows you the pillars and the initials of "ALL HUMANITY" connect to the TorAH and to the timeline's A.D. with "AY" and ... "AY" at seeing my actual name would have been Adam Dobrinsky if we knew without doubt that "doing B" meant I was in Heaven.  Also "AS" is there, right after the pillars of my "biological life's soul" which ends as soon as the AS delivers a memory manager and a way "to skies."

Here's an old reference yo ucan find by searching old messages:

Here's the reference from a few days ago, a note in Instagram for this picture:

i went on and on ... this past week about this thing that i called the "nicean council" and it's creed--i'm not sure if "mean" was lost in translation or ... or if "andy" is somehow behidn the change... it's one of my "anorisms" ... one that is special and singled out in several places--for instance as an "assignment operator" using "Messiah Earth" or whatever the Macrocosmic Example of the "all nations from Adam''s name" version of "an" that is "me" ... also here, 
it's clearly missing from the Nicean Council's work; which is pretty pertinent, because the Nicean Council is responsible for making sure the "message exists" and it appears it's somehow decided to remove "me" as in the planet and the actual ... source of the message--at least that's what it looks like you are all trying to do.

it's something like removing "councils" from the union--our "our opnions, hands and paper" without really realizing that's almost exactly what we're looking at--a quantum catapult that isn't really of our design or our wishes--but we're getting just enough of ... everything that we don't realize isn't us to ... just to go along with the idea that we won't really care that we don't know "Soviet" means "council" and ... and #whatisdemocracy has something to do with @metallica and "one." @taylormomsen GRUILA?

I know you think you have it.  I hear you, "we have it." It doesn't take Rocket Man or Dr. Hyde to point out the fallacy of lacking to "respond here in this place" is nearly the most obvious of all signs that you don't have what you think you have. 
Just saying.  You don't have "ME." That's for sure.
I'm noting here I'm not sure if you can really see these things; on Instgram and Youtube because, while I know you ... you are somewhere bewteen Copans Rd and Copenhagen and every stop sign "in reverse" I feel like I should have more than 100 views on a 3 year old video about how to become actually famous from  ...


... "FAM, O U S TUPID" and your response is ... "silence" so that's... "scary."  Also noting here, that not watching this video "gyps me" out of fractions of a penny that might add up to something that would put soup on my table and some palm branches over my head if enough of you could "click links."  

(for the love of ... look at those view counts...)

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