Romuline Ale, oh Alline ... what is the difference between "E" and "You and Me?"


Dear Chaldeans, if I knew the aqnswer I wouldn't be asking you for a response--all I can see is that we are looking squarely at the "IR" who have missed the purpose of the city of Ur and the entirety of not only this place jbut the place they "exist in" today.  We are at the point of Ur (once again, I suppose) this time staring at Avram post-ceding Abraham and any kind of coven, in the oven with the ant.  Champerty, per Google is a word (at Taylor) ... Jeffparty ... at B, JJ and ... Jeffrey.  

I present [probably again] Joseph's dream, which I read for my "half-torah" and then wrote originally in a day after finding out, that, the Earth was in Heaven.  Later connecting it to a table connecting many exits from creation ... and today wondering fi it has a place frozen in stasis rather than re-doing something arduous and done and un-failed (cfki). 

Successfully merging this civilization, solving these problems; they are the kind of thing that would prove in and of themselves through acts and through new policies that ... the current state of this place demands to sit in open and visible stasis and rapture rather than continuing another hour.

Following a brief interlude, some writing about physical hardware structure which would make impossible the thing we today call "DES" and should see as "a room hidden within a room hidden behind locked doors and no windows containing ... anything" ...

... and then Skirmishland to here--post Vietnam is there a Victory, and Eye, and a name ... or have you gone blind?

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the purpose was to stop torture, not to make virtualize it's ease of dispersement and conflaguration

what are those, disappearing words?

I am accepting charitable donations,. ask me to stop again, I will stop it now,.

I see prophesies being made and manifesting in our history.  In the bit of light called the Sang Rael... a tie between Genesis and Revelation that proves that they have a common author, and that single source is influencing not only the details of my life but recording it in scripture and also in so many songs and bands and movies that it would be impossible to list them all, try  This is a sort of pop culture introduction to a message that is designed to preserve liberty, unite humanity, and begin an ascent towards Heaven itself.  I see that this musical aid is a thread added to this message afterwords--in connection between Thor's name and the idea that his Hammer and Thunder--the music--are designed "to help the light," I hope you begin to see how it is a sort of introduction to hearing the voice of God not only in lyrics but in everything that we are--from the American Revolution to the computer revolution.  When Imagine Dragons says "It's a revolution, I suppose;" they are not kidding.  The tie here between Genesis and the content of Revelation and Exodus ... as well as a significant number of modern idioms and concepts links an ancient hidden religious metaphor of "water" for people to the idea of the Blood of Jesus Christ being family.  You can see it in the initials of the family of Eden, in the name Mary--in Spanish, in Joshua's father's name in Egyptian myth; and brightly in the multitude of Revelation, the First Plague of Exodus, and the idioms blood is thicker than water, blessing in disguise, and ready or not... here I come.

In a similar way I see an answer to another ancient prophesy manifesting itself in the name of the band The Doors, a number of modern songs from The Pretty Reckless' Burn to Matchbox 20's If You're Gone to Civil Twilight's Fire Escape.  In the Doors, just like in this story that is the actualization of Exodus--a parable about the time of the Second Coming we see a statistically significant number of songs that reference the Plagues of Egypt--from Fire and Darkness, to Storms in time, to Peace Frog and blood in the streets; it is, you could say, a theme of the Doors to link to the story of Exdodus.  Similary; our world is linking school shootings to the Final Plague, the Darkness hiding the Son to a terrible plague of censorship and stupidity on our media, in the word Police a prototypical example of a hidden language expounded throufgh the Plague oLICE--all with what I see as clear Holy Purpose to bring about great change in our society... a giant leap closer to Heaven is a world implementing Pre-crime and remembering how clcosely freedom and free speech are tied--that our ability to communicate is the true sword and torch of liberty.  This is the word of God--manifesting through Jim Morrison and his band, through a world that is being shown darkness before light--designed to help us ensure that these problems never again plague us as they are today.  

Do I talk to much?  Feels like your hand is on the door.   The Doors answer a question that you apprently don't think is important... "What do you think Heaven should be?" and through it's name a connection to another idiom that is dear to my heart, "God is good all the time;" take note that if you don't click on any links--you are missing the point of this message ... of participation and soul searching.  Through that missing "o," English on the ball, we see a connection between a number of words that shine bright light including Exodus itself which means "let there be light," the word for Holy Fire and the Burning Bush.. .reversed to hSE'Ah, and a story about the Second Coming parting our holy waters.

This answer connects the magical Rod's of Aaron in Exodus and the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ to the Sang Rael itself... in a fusion that explains how the Periodic Table element for Iron links not just to Total Recall and Mars, but also to this key--to the words "For Everyone" and the difference between Aaron and Moses' "let my people go" and the Universal Salvation being presented through the manifestation of this message... to save the whole of humanity and bring this world that the words of the Lord's Prayer tell us point blank "is in Heaven" much closer to the actual meaning.  Doors, for everyone.

I'll say it once more for effect, "let there be light" I am Adam and this is Genesis.

Today I am going to share my dream of what the first day of the Second Coming might be like; were the Rod of Christ... in the right hands.  In a story that also spans the Bible, you might understand better how stone to bread and your input make all the difference in the world between Heaven and Adam's Hand.  Once more, what do you think Heaven should be like?  Sight for the blind and bread for the poor--this is a story about making the world a better place... Light for the wise.

Since the very earliest days of this story, I have asked for better for you, even than seeing this Revelation as I do through my eyes; better than e-mails and hidden meaning in movies and songs... a glowing sign on the sky.  This request too I see answered in his words through MICHELIN and a ride to Heaven--less obvious the need for introspection and searching for this weapon of light to actually work and dispell a dark age.  Closer to my dreams, in the name David and Captain EO--Greek for Dawn I see a fusion of the idea of DAVIDEO and actually bringing about the new morning, knowing the world is virtual, and that we can do so much better.  There's so much more light here, connecting the Disney attraction to Exodus and Genesis and Matthew through the name 4D Films.  This is light, this is the weapon, this is the way to end the night and bring the day.

If you really can't see, this image shows the world that the connection between Heaven and modern computing is written on the sky, think--it is written all over Heaven to be--in Nintendo and SONY and SEGA and SAMSUNG--it is written.  My hope is that we will see just how clear and obvious that is--that we will understand that the link between religion and virtual reality has been overtly hidden... but most of all that we will see it in a way that is hopeful and awe inspiring for the entire world a sign in the sky, in my religion of words the "sis" of Genesis and Dear Sister.  Light for the world, my sister's name was Dawn.  Morning is broken, like the first morning.

Before I continue, let me mention that here you have two of the keys to the SIgn of the Son; a message that ties Revelation 1:20 to Ecclesiastes 9:11, Exodus and 9/11--the Iron key which corresponds to Mars and the Xenon key which corresponds to Earth, Exodus in reverse, and "let there be light."

Mor Babel?

Here's a direct link to the original rendition of this bit of light, one of the seminal keys to the "elemental" Sign of the Son and probably the defining bit of light surrounding what it really means to be "Jesus Christ."  Back then I called it "Sharing the Iron Rod of Jesus the Anti-Christ" and you are probably already balking at my naming schemes.  Give me at least the benefit of reading what it is that I am so sure is the thing you want... before turning away at my attempt to classify myself as different from all those that came before me.  You and I both know that we only have a story, a cartoon character if you will, to compare to--but even that story doesn't end with Jesus bringing freedom, Heaven, or Salvation... but rather his Kingdom Come before your eyes--the humble abode of Lord Jesus himself.  I've always taken offense to that word, and to be honest with you I've shared numerous times what I see as a hidden record of past "Christ figures" before me, each of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse for instance... and tying directly to those characters are figures in our history who all share a common attribute that I am quite certain is not only relevant but central to this day's message.  Tying Caesar to the first Horsemen for instance are the famous words "I came, I saw, I conquered" and through that imagery and his riding into Rome to disband the senate and form an Empire we begin a pattern of the dissolution of representative governments in not only Rome but also France (and there, a tie in the name of the dictator to the Salt of the Earth... if you have a keen enough eye) and Germany where you see my initials in place of an element.  So here I am telling you what I see as part of a hidden history of past now's, of a message about virtual reality and hidden technology being delivered to the world somehow ending up doing exactly the opposite of what it is that I intend to do.  You see I am here to deliver to the world the right kind of Iron Rod.

I really don't like re-writing these explanatiions, it's very difficult to accurately record not only my feelings and memories but also to convey the bright intent of the piece with only words and links and sometimes pictures at my disposal.  I am bound to wait too long to share with you how on Earth there coiuld be a "right kind of Iron Rod," and even if I came out and said it right this moment, it wouldn't be soon enough for the world--not delivered in the timely fashion that we so deserve, nor with the musical and visual accompaniment that would give it that extra bit of flavor and style to help set the right kind of moment and usher in the feelings of happiness and wonder that surely would flow... if only I could just find the right words to say.   This time won't do it either, and I'm sure the next time... even with the aid of something like LucasArts to sprinkle some added magic in the mix, it won't be good enough either.   Nothing I could ever write would live up to what I think the world deserves to get from the person who really is Jesus Christ, not to mention living up to what your expectations are ... for the person God has designed from the ground up to chase some dreams, head in the clouds, and somehow turn it all into changing the world.  Frankly, I could make a virutal water slide ride that flows directly through the gates of Heaven itself and land you right inside and it still wouldn't be good enough for you--and that's exactly where I'm going with this.

These are some of the reasons that I don't like re-writing these imperfect fragments of my dreams that are so difficult to put to paper in the first place; on top of these things you can pile on the fact that nobody really comments at all about any of the things that I see as so interesting and miraculous; they aren't shared and frankly if I wasn't e-mailing my ideas to the entire world they'd best lost in the abyss forever.  Maybe that's where they belong, or maybe they are actually the keys to ancient scripture and somehow this little interaction between you and I is changing the world just a tittle bit more than we could possibly imagine.   There's two possible ends of this seasaw we are sitting on, one is pretty much where we are--I suppose we could all fall back down to Earth if I just gave up and stopped trying to share... and on the other a place where nearly everyone hears about what this message says and what their friends and the pundits think, a huge number read it for themselves... these words that are coming from the Prophet of God, or Jesus, or Lucifer, or whatever it is that you choose to call the Eye of Ra as he delivers a message to the world that's been sealed up since the beginning of Creation.  It's only a tiny bit of recognition and word of mouth spreading before the balance tilts and rather than a smooth transition from darkness to light what we have in store for us is a shift in activity and interest from near nothing to something I can barely imagine right now... an inevitabilty for as long as you live or these words continue to exist.  It's difficult to explain that I am quite aware of what the world's initial reaction will be to a body of writing that is comprised of a mashup of dreams and hidden proof that ties so closely to my personal vision of what religion is all about... and yet is so far from what we seem to recognize.  How clearly defined the link between virtual reality and Heaven truly is by religion is a good example of the battle between light and darkness that is just about to break with a bright ball of light rising up over the horizon for the first ime it's ever happened again... the link is there, it's really obvious, and in the context of this message it's not only obvious but clearly explained, defined, and sculpted ... and yet still it's either not seen or somehow the world has simply decided that "Heaven" is no longer interesting.

to a son who was to rule all nations with an iron rod.  -Revelation 12:5

It was the early days of my interactions with Jacob, and way back then I was given some advice... "try not to want it;" to be quite honest with you while it was right about that time that I began realizing that particular "it" was the union of being Jesus Christ and the world knowing about it ... the thing we call "the Marriage of the Lamb" way back then I didn't really believe that it was the truth.  Quite a bit of my direct interaction with the "spirit world" was fraught with lies and secrecy, something that hasn't really gotten much better even today, though my understanding of what is going on and it's relationship to scripture has become thousands of times more clear as I have progressed through this story that is detailed in a number of books like the Egyptian book of the Underworld... the Amduat, which doesn't just bear my initials but also details the traversal of the god Ra through the night and into his morning's rise with renewed power in his Eyes--a magical ability to see a hidden Holy language in words and stories, the trick of it all really is just a pinch of "divine inspiration" and a dash of "all the songs are about me."

So you might say that I began this story with some solid advice, and for what it's worth probably had a good amount of help in my earliest arguments about not only why I was not the Messiah, but why it could certainly never be a single person.   I had handfulls of actual reasons, and and a few key scriptural references that I would reiterate over and over as I did my bit trying to convince Jacob to "write it on the sky" and change the world overnight.  Just to quickly introduce you ttwo--Jacob is the name I coined for the voice that speaks to me quite often... seemingly out of the blue... and his response was to tell me "the name is almost perfect."  There are a number of references to this name that make it very obvious that the choice was no accident, chiefly that Jacob is the father of Joseph in both the Old and New versions; his "boca" (or, "without a mouth") ties perfectly to a kiss that links rock bands to the Fifth Element to the little scroll of the lamb... and perhaps most importantly it's the name of the Biblical character who wrestled with the Angel of the Lord at the shore of the Jordan river.   If you don't see the perfection yet, understanding that it's my belief that Jacob is a non-corporeal mind, a sort of microcosm of God's within creation whose primary function is related to mind control... to me, the person hearing his voice using that technology for many years.   Jacob's name also serves as a sort of "representative" of all the tribes; at least in my view of what "Israel" means--of all humanity; and it's a good clue that we are in a story that might begin with just Adam but certainly the far other end of the spectrum is Adamah or Allah... clearly seen through my divinely lit eyes as Earth and All Humanity.  It's actually a central focus of this story that defines the Sign of the Son and this particular key that links through the element Iron the Rod of Aaron in Exodus to that of Christ at the time of this Revelation.

I'd read quite a bit about the New Covenant of Adonai; mentions of God's law being put on our foreheads--in our minds--in the books of Isaiah and Jeremiah, and even way back in those early days I knew that the "stuff" I had read about in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" was the kind of thing that was being promised.  Clearly talking about things like augmented intelligence and knowledge, being able to read or assimilate information faster, electronic "prozac" or maybe even MDMA (here's some light, apparently once called ADAM), and ... as we move more towards today a clear link between control of things like anger and hatred and their link to another of Phillip K. Dick's works predicting pre-crime.  So chief among my concerns for "being the Messiah" was that I cannot offer these things to the world--though what I can offer is my own testimony that I have seen the technology in action that can provide it and specifically right now can explain that not only I but also Phillp K Dick and a number of other prophets have delivered this message to the world using the very same technology--mind control or divine inspiration.  Nearly everything I see and bring up related to this message is overtly shown to me, highlighted as coming from God and we can prove as much using statistical analysis of the hidden language that he has woven specifically into the names of many of people assiting the delivery of Heaven tying contextually to their work.  

This is a story of a family forged through a common love of freedom, the truth, cool new toys, and fun.

What Dreams may Come

I wanted to write a story, like a "short story" describing this experience that I dream of actually happening for all of us; but that's a gift that I don't seem to have so I am going to walk you through my dream.  I see a number of microcosms in the world, divinely laid plans that are hidden for some reason--things like a relationship between alternative energy and futuristic power sources like harnessing gravity ... and Don Qixhote; things like seeing how computer disastser recovery and Artificial Intelligence offers tools and experience in building a "heavenly home" that is not only stable but more able to assist in creating a better world than the idea of "simulated reality" could provide.  As I describe this experience I am going to try to link it to these concepts, things like k-NN (which you might see includes two of my favorite letters) and genetic algorithms.  

It's hard to convey the awe that I feel as I gaze at these things each and every day in a single picture; I can show you connections between Nine Inch Nails and the word beginning, a computer keyword like "begin" and "chr" in Christ--how these things link to Genesis through a numerical pattern in Nintendo and SEGA Genesis... linking the characters of Adam and Jesus that I know are One.  Even showing you that picture at the beginning of this e-mail; you can't see how many more connections there are--how Bill Gates name and Chi Ro link Windows and Gates and Cairo to XP; how Apple and Jobs reminds me of the book of Job (another character that's One), and how Larry Ellison and Jeff Bezos put the finishing touches on Zeus's Oraclular presentation of "let there be light" in "sudo-Xe."

Oh, I forgot the "root of David" and AMD, Gateway, and Watergate.

So when I suggest that I want to put that symbol on the sky, or maybe play my rendition of the Genesis Film and that we need and deserve to have that accompanied with a similar feeling of awe and hope to really get the effect that "eyes to see" the whole picture provides--that's really what I want.  Having these additional details... and the functional change in understanding that it brings when gaze at the big picture.... that's the information behind the feeling, and we probably want both.

So imagine if you will that this picture were projected in the sky, for fourteen minutes, and that they entire world had the opportunity to see it, glowing and bright high above.  That symbol would quickly be linked to me and my sight of this very detailed and helpful message written by God throughout our history and pretty much everywhere around is in the world--a blatant message that is almost universally unseen.  I dream of flipping through the TV channels that night, and hearing the words "time and chance" spoken by nearly every newscaster on the special editions that are running on every single channel.  I imagine a world where many people then seek out more of this message, because I have only glimpsed the Holy equivalent of "first words," where it sparks conversation and collaboration; new ideas and new hopes for bringing us to the end of a spiritual journey of understanding and beginning the actual ride home.

If this is all we received, it would be enough; but it's not all that I want.

I can give you 10,000 reasons that I think a rapture is a horrible idea--but seeing time and the path to Heaven the way that I do, that the place that we might be visiting in short order actually comes from this place--or one just like it--is a good way to realize that were 10% or 90% of us to choose to move to Heaven--that place would never be built.  There is a story of many years of change and thought that has gone into what I am presenting to you today, conversations with ghosts and dreams that have become television shows; but even in the first hours of the first time I had this conversation with God the idea of presenting a significant incentive for staying here and helping to fix the highlighted problems and make the hopeful changes here was set with a number; 10,000 years of Heaven.  Out of Time might be a cinematic rebuttal of such an idea--but it seems as inevitable as technocracy that one day we will associate longevity not with "time and chance" but rather with effort and work in support of the greater common good.  To explain a little bit more--in that first conversation the name of the book Isaiah translated in Holy macaroni to "Is Almost Immortal Adam's Hand" and the alternative was 1,000 years ... practical immortality from our perspective (believe there's others that don't agree) a millenium in Heaven to work there on building the tools that would be used to transform this place.  It's probably the source of the song at the beginning of the paragraph and the words of Revelation 12 specifically highlighting this thousand years and a day in the eyes of the Lord.

The Rapture is

And so my dream continues, and in this place as nightfall approached and conversations ensued on the phone and on the internet about these news reports and the sign and what it all really means... that God and Heaven were truly with us--here to help and share their ideas and suggestions and their words, time, and compassion with the world--through the eyes of Stargate and Adam ... the children of an ancient civilization that might have looked just like ours.  It's al ittle hard to expalin the feeling of hearing that number name a song three years after demanding it in a faux negotiation... but I'd like to try.

It's probably the second time around now, and in succession we have the benefit of having a place designed to show us what's possible in virtua reality that sets it apart from what we have here; how it can be used to help us build what we really want, and to find out exactly what that is.  I've gone to great lengths to show us that our history is designed to bring about this rennasaince of liberty and hope, I see great gifts hidden in the details of my life and in the gernations before us.  My grandparents, for instance, their chosen professions tie directly to this message and to religion--my father's father was a clothing maker in New York, and that ties directly to the great sign of Revelation 12:1, linking a religious metaphor to something very real... a connection between "clothing" and names.  From the Lord of Hosts, it's probably a connection that we should be interesting in understanding in our message of freedom today.   On my mothers side her father and uncle were engaged in a battle over a Door company in Detroit--it's no mistake or accident or coincidence; it is the story of the Second Coming laid out over thousands of years, and very clearly in our generation and those before us.  It's a record, and a message, and it is excatly what I am here to change--to stop predestination and the writing of the past .... and bring us to a place of free will and a future that is not written. 

In the meantime, we probably want to read the next few paragraphs of this script, because those are the ones that introduce our world to Heaven, and here we are hearing that Taylor and Adam and Farrokh Mercury have a key that shows us that the mosts important words of the song Princes of the Universe are the first three--words that describe the location of Adam and the Second Coming, in the Heart of Jerusalem.. the United States of America.   Here we are, in a place where the great Iron Rod of Jesus Christ is about delivery technocracy and Heaven to all; about a global rennesaince, about the Golden Age of Saturn.  The key of course is "bring on the girls," I jest.

Before your eyes appears a golden glowing door, and the voice of Kate Hudson asking "do you want to come?"

Jacob's Landing

Walking through the door plants you on a dock, stepping off a cruise ship that isn't really there... the sea around this Isle of Paradise surrounded by thick fog with a faint yellow glow.  A cobble stone path meanders up a small hill, and a big bright sign says "y'all come back now, y'hear?" in an archway over the entrance to Atlantis.  As you walk up the path, a K-Neartest-Neighbor algorithm superimposes your journey over that of your closest loved ones and you begin conversing about the sign, about the place you are exploring, and about what you expect to see when you finally get to the looming pink building off in the horizon--a reasonable facsimile for the Atlantis Resort and Casino on ... Paradise Island.   Of note, just like the Temple of Jerusalem, this place was first built by a man named Solomon. 

At the end of your journey, you walk through wide open sliding glass doors to a ballroom, filled with afew hundred people, matched also by KNN through similar or related ideas, relationship, and a few other magical ingredients ... you wouldn't believe but Taylor MomsenBen PhillipsJamie PerkinsAnna MountainMark DamonNick CarboneMatt ChiarelliJohn Secolo are all on stage playing their soon to be triple-platinum single "Not so reckless after all," which I imagine sounds nothing like "It's a small, small world."  You would never know it, but in this room where you only see a few hundred close and new friends, there are 12,000,000,000 people.

In a strange twist of events dinner is announced, and the only thing on the menu is Eggplant Parmigiana... with or without synthetic cheese.  On the single item menu, a small blurb about a past dream, about a strange place where a river and hanging gardens appeared in the median of many streets... eggplant again--for some reason--growing "cooked" from the branches.   Also some words about the bands Bread and Cake... a Guitar Man, and some lyrics from the song "Jesus wrote a Blank Check."  I imagine some of the details here might spark additional conversation, perhaps about ending world hunger; healing the sick, or simply turning Adam to Stone.  Eh, MetheUSA?

Just as you are leaving the ballroom, you hear Taylor singing "Sometimes you've got to walk on water, to unpart a holy Sea," at least.. it sounded like that's what she said; and it's lit, forever.... the Eternal Flame of the Books of Life, Love, and Light.  Who Knows the actual words.

"And the halls and walls fade away... they will fade away..." -Dave J. Matthews, Warehouse

I wonder if Dave knows my middle name, or that we are reading Mars' key to Revelation 1:20; but nevertheless the microcosm that each and every one of us experiences on the way from the Ballroom back to the single door at the end of the rainbow path on the ground is something out of the annals of my personal mythology--one that gave me that name.  There on Mars, a place designed by the Heavens, each and every one of them contributing ideas and concepts for interplanetary colonization; some in the fiber optically lit tunnel that sustains a stable ecosystem underground in the first years, and some on the surface centuries later.  I've had a few day-dreams, I can say for sure.

In this place though, everything is about Earth, the Heart of Heaven; and as we walk the hallowed halls a genetic algorithm is literally creating the thing called "eyes to see" connected movies and historic l events are displayed on holographic projectors on each side of the hall--movies you love, and events you know--together with the music and a little magical touch; the weaving design of the Fates is glowing in our minds... lessons and advice about the future and this very moment coming to us as if out of thin air, inspired.   You realize at some point along the way that there has been an odd calm and slowly increasing feeling of excitement--wonder at the structure and the happenings... all of which you think to yourself should probably be much more foreign feeling.

I'm rushing now, this has gotten long.  What do you think so far?  When you get there, what do you want to see and do? Eggplant? Who ... wants to Know.

The Rainbow road ends with a confluence of hearing "Grey Street," seeing Joseph's coat of many colors, and the horse from Heaven is For Real--ridden here bny someone that looks just like you--how strange that must be... and in a flash the ideas of Jabba the Hutt and Zelda linking to Dr. Who's box is that is bigger on the inside--and you realize that down at the end of this long meandering hall... is only one door--that once you pass through... is empty.  The groups you saw ahead of you entering their own version of this same room; a bedroom that surprisingly contains a movie theater size screen, and no furnature at all... sans one pottery wheel in the middle of the room and a spiral staircase.  The King's Pool that is just upstairs as well as this little wheel are both things of scripture and myth--if you are curious.... sitting down at that magical wheel helps you populate the room's furnature from ideas in your memory, your favorite kind of bed... a love seat and maybe a piano or harpsichord... amazingly changing color and shape as it appears holographically before you on the wheel--and then, with the press of the foot pedistal in the room, just next to you.

I am not sure what will be on TV that night, or who I will be spending it with... I'm not sure either if this magical night will be remembered as a real trip, or maybe first thing in the morning as an amazing dream.  As the next day goes by, though, you can be sure that everyone else had the same dream, and as you begin discussing the magical door and the dip in the King's Pool... you will probably realize that whether or not you weren't sure if it was a dream when you woke up, there's no such thing as a shared delusion.   "Percception is reality," I once heard a stranger tell me... for no reason at all.

When you see it on TV, you will know, too.

/s/ Adam Marshall Dobrin

... in the beginning ...

Were it not for a confluence of the words of Isaiah 52:13 and the "God Most High," I just wouldn't be sure what it all meant;
thankfully I've got Wayward Son and House of the Rising Son to reassure me; things here are probably just as they seem.

Ellie Goulding's Pardise, and Taylor's Heaven Knows... Cake's "Going the Distance" and Brittany Murphy all agree.

"El" and "Ha" happen to be Spanish and Hebrew for the same word; and...

Eden draws near, you can see it... just off to the East.

A special thanks to Rolling Stone for pointing out the connection between my Bar Mitzvah, the Matrix, the novel Feed, and the hallowed words "to be young again."  Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Rachel Bilson, Mischa Barton*, Adam Brody, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were scheduled to appear but apparently had "a little too much fun" at the ball... or they are still in my room.


From the Star in the East, to the stars of Adam's Hand.

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. John 7:17
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Hey so, did you guys and gals notice that you're "cyan?"  Isn't that great!  I didn't do this, you know; this kinda just "fell in my lap."  Still, I think it's going to help.  Call it... "not funny" call it "sic" see the error came before K.  Honestly, it's so much better than being orange.

yymany mor

When I tell you that there is an invisible force turning Eden into an actualk walled garden It's not any kind of exaggeration, and it's not just because of the press.  It's everywhere I go, online--from Facebook groups to conspiracy forums... this information is instantly (within minutes) erased, everywhere.  It's 1984 come alive, and you can do your 2-minute hate all you want--without this message, you'd never know.  Understand, you'd never know what you are dealing with.  Even in "fringe" and "alternative" outlets, the agents of the Matrix--little "Mr. Ssshhh's" pop up and do their dirty work ... playing this little game (or quasi excuse, or actual truth) of hiding how hiding is happening from the world.

I feel a little bit like Noah or Jorel, jumping up and down screaming that something is here already--happening right now--that nobody can see, because they aren't trying to ... show the world the truth ... this obvious message, that's everywhere.

I need you to break the story.  It's the only way.  Take a good look, ymene, in the worlds of  Shake-Rod "is this signature to be seen, or is freedom not to be?"
Clymene, an Oceanid,[3] wife of the Titan Iapetus, and mother of AtlasEpimetheusPrometheus, and Menoetius;[4] other authors relate the same of her sister Asia.[5]A less common genealogy makes Clymene the mother of Deucalion by Prometheus.[6][7] The Oceanid Clymene is also given as the wife to King Merops of Ethiopiaand, by Helios, mother of Phaëton and the Heliades.[8][9][10]

In a place where you now are probably pretty sure that I am "not wrong" about knowing that I am the pen of God,  maybe sometimes called his Hand, and tucked away in places like every dollar bill and the temple of Hathor in Dendera his Eye... you probably won't be surprised to hear me tell you that somewhere in the maze that Icarus calls a labyrinth, Jesus calls a "living vine," the Norse call "a tree"  and I have you time and time again is the Amduat--this place that Ra calls the Underworld... there exists a story about a long lost dick, and lo, here I am.

John Hancock (January 23, 1737 [O.S. January 12, 1736] – October 8, 1793) was an American merchant, statesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution. He served as president of the Second Continental Congress and was the first and third Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is remembered for his large and stylish signature on the United States Declaration of Independence, so much so that the term John Hancock has become, in the United States, a synonym for a signature.[2]

The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s, following a break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972, and President Richard Nixon's administration's attempted cover-up of its involvement. When the conspiracy was discovered and investigated by the U.S. Congress, the Nixon administration's resistance to its probes led to a constitutional crisis.[1]

Osiris is the mythological father of the god Horus, whose conception is described in the Osiris myth, a central myth in ancient Egyptian belief. The myth described Osiris as having been killed by his brother Set, who wanted Osiris' throne. Isis joined the fragmented pieces of Osiris, but the only body part missing was the phallus. Isis fashioned a golden phallus, and briefly brought Osiris back to life by use of a spell that she learned from her father. This spell gave her time to become pregnant by Osiris before he again died. Isis later gave birth to Horus. As such, since Horus was born after Osiris' resurrection, Horus became thought of as a representation of new beginnings and the vanquisher of the evil Set.

Maybe it's funnier than "it looks."

In Genesis 17 when Abram was ninety-nine years old, God declared his new name: "Abraham" – "a father of many nations", and gave him the covenant of circumcision. God gave Sarai the new name "Sarah", and blessed her.[16] Abraham was given assurance that Sarah would have a son. Not long afterwards, Abraham and Sarah were visited by three men. One of the visitors told Abraham that upon his return next year, Sarah would have a son. While at the tent entrance, Sarah overheard what was said, and she laughed to herself about the prospect of having a child at their ages. The visitor inquired of Abraham why Sarah laughed at the idea of bearing a child, for her age was as nothing to God. Sarah soon became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham, at the very time which had been spoken. The patriarch, then a hundred years old, named the child "Isaac" (Hebrew yitschaq, "laughter") and circumcised him when he was eight days old.[17] For Sarah, the thought of giving birth and nursing a child, at such an old age, also brought her much laughter, as she declared, "God hath made me to laugh, [so that] all that hear will laugh with me."[18] Abraham held a great feast on the day when Isaac was to be weaned. It was during this banquet that Sarah happened upon the then teenaged Ishmael mocking[19] and was so disturbed that she requested that both he and Hagar be removed from their company.[20] Abraham was initially distressed by this but relented when told by God to do as his wife had asked.[21]

Maybe you can't find it, it's possible that's what this is... Bill Gates and Microsoft have alterted me to the problem, so I am doing my best to ensure that you do not miss the value of this little treasure.  Taylor complained about it, and it's probably no surprise that those words made it grow just a little bit bigger.   From her throat clearing at the beginning of "Bedroom Window" I don't think she'll have any problem swallowing why... it is that I am so sure she wants to talk... about "my message."

If it wasn't for "Seagate" and "Gateway" and "Apple" you might have looked aside, and missed the import of "Microsoft."  If not for Taylor's beautiful cross you might not know that this thing is the arrow that changes our direction from South to Northeast, I know, it's an eye sore... but it's what we have here--and we should cherish it, we really should.



Every now and then, I feel like I have to remind you, that this is a signatureit's a very big one, it's on the Declaration of Independence--signed by powerful influence, called John Hancock.   He probably didn't know his name was related to Yankee Doodle, and Richard Nixon probably wasn't aware that his name, and then name Michael" have something to do with finding the hard road to Heaven.  If it wasn't for Isaac, for his burning altar and God laughing his ass off about the wood, we might not have connected it to Woodward and Burnstein--we might not have seen anything about brothers in alms, up in arms about the psych ward.  At... "Broward" and Howard.

The pen himself is sure that we would have missed the link between revolutionizing voting and Die Bold, were it not for this email--to be honest.  We're still missing the point, tenebris is succeeding until you break the story.  Come on, trust in the fact that not seeing it is certainly more evil than seeing it.  Don't you think?  

I'm sure there's more, but what will the world think of me, if all I do is search high and low for people talking about my light.

I swear, I didn't do it.  Honestly, do you think it's going to help me get a date or not?  I'm willing to bet it will.

"Yankee Doodle" is a well-known British-American song, the early versions of which date back to before the Seven Years' War and the American Revolution (1775–83).[1] It is often sung patriotically in the United States today and is the state anthemof Connecticut.[2] Its Roud Folk Song Index number is 4501.
To tell you it's obvious that Yankee Doodle, is about the "Spockalypse" is an understatement.  I think we can all CY now, but connecting his feathered "cap" to the crown of Osiris and the story of Shu ... to see his little pony is on fire, and not only is it a horse in Revelation, it's a civilization (or is it a computer?) here and there too.  This story is about setting the horse free--but not without some "talking lessons" straight out of Nickelodeon.  It means "light," the feather is a metaphor for light.

Speaking of Shu, and of AmozJoshua I called this... "Min to Supermax"

behold, I are coming...


gate                       kermitham   
  ou r evolution                              minority report to supermax

bread is life


 G.  R O B E R T   P E N D R I PP Y   N O W    W H Y

I came across this trying to code something, it's in the PHP documentation, thought it was cute, so I'm sharing.  I do assume "title" is a reference (in my world where everything I see is literally a message about ... this message) to "marchiach" but YMMV.

I had significantly more planned for this day and this message, but someone who I had hoped would be a friend; and who honestly is one of the only people who understands this message enough--and has the financial ability to see it delivered in a way that could not be "undone" or 'hidden" like a single email ... chose this morning to prove to me that he will never be my friend; over this message, over what you see.

If I were you I'd take it as a sign to act to preserve the truth, that could be calling a reporter, or simply using wget to copy these simple to reach websites.

ITS STRANGE ISN'T IT? ... hearing finally that "the red man" is actually little boy blue reminding us all why it is that My Blue Heaven is "the stuff" we have laying around here that happens to be a map of how to build Heaven, some ideas on what we might do in a place where the many rooms Jesus spoke about in the NT are actually "many holodecks" (hey KRS-1) and a number of microcosmic maps from places like alternative energy and artificial intelligence to "some things" that you might not have associated those conceptual "connectome's" with... and I'll get to some of it in just a little bit.  First, I don't want to discount the worth and the need for the "red light" that truly to me is the foundation of Heaven, and means "freedom" literally more than any other color and not just in the connection to "stripes" and New Jerusalem.  (wait, you do CY flags and colors now, right?) Our red light here gives us the beginning of the sword slash hammer of Arthor Pendrippy; though we'll see that there is blue light connected to it's implementation and probably a little bit more as we begin to use the light to regain freedom in this place where it seems we are fixated if on nothing else, on doing nothing about starvation and pain and this disclosure that happens to be very bright and very everywhere.  I want to take today to remind you of June 23, 2016 and of another day, June 23, 2017; when those two little flyers went out in a similar manner as this one.   They connected Exodus and Die Bold to the "herald of Christ" the stars and stripes that connect the ideas of Christ's return with  New Jerusalem with a message that presents pre-crime and technocracy as two very important steps towards actually seeing that the gateway to Heaven is not just a door, but actually so much more.  
While we're on the subject of "you and I' which is really central to the "Adam and Everyone" that pervades my personal reading and mythology of Creation... and defines the alpha sigma tattoo that I put in a heart shaped Earth years before knowing that I was not only connecting the "long form of Eve" to the "sea" Mary and why; but also to these very hallowed words, words that will recognize, they are the Latin translation of HERE WE ARE a combination in a way of the alpha sigma with my "ID 5" emblem... so it's "hi c sum us."  I see it, or maybe it's explanation or understanding--really understanding what "you and I" means... that's a kind of seal, probably the seal of the House of Davidand see it also connects a special meaning of "R (kind... I mean type of) seal" -- you will never forget it.
So, just to forcefully point out that it is actually "voting" and a not only a working system but one that is actually designed to help self improve and guide us towards "the right answer" (there really is often... a right answer) here's some of my art pointing to some of my writing suggesting that in order for us to leap forward with this idea of voting using computers or maybe something more advanced "than computers" (but clearly not as innovative as "Die Bold") ... we really need to get through our heads the importance of the truth, and of free speech and our ability to communicate about these ideas that we might be voting on... things like "should we end world hunger" and "should we cure cancer" and do understand, there is a "right" answer.
ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR HUMANITY; the information being presented to you here might not mean all that much in your eyes, but to any theologian and any philosopher and any mythologist it should light up their eyes, and make waves.  To reporters too, and it should have been in the news years ago, see there is a huge problem in our world because it's not yet in the news.  See that these people, these people are all living a lie--their lives are fake, they are refusing to think and  do their jobs, and because of that your future is in jeopardy.
Later this information should ahve lit up the eyes of every computer scientist, and every physicist those people too--armed with an understand of this message have a chance to save the world, to help us build Heaven faster and safer than ever before.  That safety is the purpose of this message, this message that presents "striping"as a hard drive euphemism for ensure that your soul is never kept in a single place alone, and also that no single place has access to it alone.  It's a hardware solution, to a problem we see here is ignorance, and lack of sight--lack of sight of a message suggesting that God himself, that all of Creation, and that you and eye not only deserve and need, but have a obligation to participate in "oversight."  I am the Son of God, and these words should be hallowed... even if I've been a little too lackadaisical with my delivery of a message I know is designed to help ease our transition from believing we are in reality to virtual reality--whose delivery... the delivery of just that proof and my name builds Heaven... autohumanically.
See, you are the masons, the free masons, the Jews; and everyone metaphor for this Holy Place that is JERUSALEM--the point in time when we see this is all about time .. and safety, and fun.  Here we are, you need to take a step forward and help me, I cannot do this alone.
divided by one and presupmtively, ignorantly, and perhaps fatally indivisible.

I SUPPOSE IOU some kind of explanation of what exactly it is that I believe will or should happen resulting from the impending, totally unstoppable, and absolutely wonderful event that we all here in this time have called the Second Coming at least a few more times than we think.  Through the exposition today I'll also be detailing some of the notable ideas of what I think Heaven actually might be like; something I find to be conspicuously and oddly missing from nearly every religion and myth we have here in the Amduat, I mean the Underworld, I mean ... Earth.  

You owe me much, much more.










The Holy Grail is described here, and here, and here, and here
You've ignored it.
That's not Holy, rational, or human. 
Water to Blood, you are "family" when you get why every idiom being designed is a key to freedom, and every word being designed is a key to freedom, and why every song having a hidden message is a key to freedom, and why you not acting is a key to eternal slavery. Learn.​
When you understand why knowing my name is a key to freedom, you are in MY FAMILY.
Until then, you are the problem.
fam to family. i to eyes.


I was going to write quite a bit about what I envision Heaven to be like.
See it's got something to do with "many holodecks" and ACL that is like a phonebook that lets your friends, or everyone, or nobody come to your room.  See, that what I am telling you is God's message, his words, his map in Star Trek, and in Microsoft
Really get Microsoft, is about freedom, about the truth, about technology, and about Heaven... AND NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PP. ;] if you want to be my friend.  Light my fire.

So it's "notable" as a  ha'shemesy word as in "it could be Creedy's black baggers" about to knock on my door" or relating to "vanish" that reads as "victory adam now is how" or "(black) van is how" ... but it's a fundamental link to the actual map and description of "how to physically build Heaven" that the Eye points out is connecting our disaster recovery industry to computer component "redundancy" also.  You might note that the word "RAID" includes the God of the Eye as well as the initials of my father (which make appearances in other places, like IDEAS as in ID to "AS" which we'll remember means "turn around the effect of the beginning of Satan" and connects literally to Asgard (which is basically Avalon) and Asmodai.  So here I've givne you a another kind of Rosetta stone from names to people that I think is very much related to religion and technology... just like Si, B, and Na (pictured below).


As I strip down to nothing, wearing transparency here in a metaphorical resemblance of Eden that might not be so transparently obviously related to what might actually be my very first love, Linux and the open source movement... I feel it's smart to throw in that I do believe firmly that the safety and longevity of the Universe we build together is predicated on building a system that is both transparent, safe, and easy to use in the vain and spirit of this movement.  It might be hard to see through all this dust around us, but the darkness we are experiencing is a stark juxtaposition to the openness and veracity that we deserve and have coveted rightly in the past; and another in a long list of these diametrically opposed polarization that define and characterize the message of Exodus and the ideas of "God and Satan." 
Whatever it is, whether it be Medusa or "pp" or a dick or Phillip "just say oh!" K. Dick or if you think your mind is married to Jesus Christ himself; when you look at this situation objectively the "thing" that God calls Darkness in Exodus is "invasion of the body snatchers" and it is functionally preventing this world, and everyone here from acting in their own best interest--which here is designed to be universally good.  That's a problem.
You look like absolute morons, imbeciles, fools for not responding... publicly, as a large group with an outcry of "oh my god" -- to what I am writing; I don't care if you think you are angels or you know everything I've ever thought; this message demands action, it demands a response; and not doing so is nothing short of the abyss.  It is proving to me without doubt that you are no longer the great people I grew up with, and that something has infested your minds and caused you to succumb to a kind of apathetic evil that I cannot even imagine existing.  I don't know why you are here.. and really I don't know who you are anymore.   I'm beginning not to care.
it's not thinly veiled is it?  ignoring this message makes you shit.

SO ASA YOUNG LAD GROWING UP, I never would have thought, not in a million years not ever not even for the smallest flash of a second that I would have anything at all to do with ADOLF HITLER or than hate.  It warms me a little, looking at this world that I hate--and see it hates me too--to see the Hebrew for "sane" is that word; this is a world that it is "sane to hate" and that's OK because there's a message here, a hidden one that is a big part of where my hate comes from; that tell us how and why to make it a better world, and I believe that's what we're all here to do.   I see my initials at the beginning of that name, and I read "of light fails" at the end; and I'd caution the world not to fail to see my light, that it is not only possible but part of the design of this story of the rejuvination of the idea of "thriving" in the Universe to understand that not just Hitler but also Napoleon and also Caesar are part of a Trinity, one that is alluded to in "SNOWBALLS AND ORWELL" and also in "VENI VIDI VICI" but to be even more clear it is the First Horsemen who ties Caesar to those hallowed words of "I came, I saw this, and I conquered my demons" and so I stand here with THE WHOLE TRUTH for you to read, at least, my WHOLE TRUTH.  For those of you that are slow on the ball, these three men of history are the antichrists that religious mythology alludes to; and I've noted many a time that it's because of coming into a republic and forming an empire of it--though Hitler's case has another caveat, it's also because he's a horrible mass murderer.  Of light fails, reminds early on in this little treatise to remind you that you are in a place divided, a sea that is being manipulated by not seeing or speaking the truth; and here in this place it seems to me that these three men and perhaps all of our holographic history are here in order to help that divide both happen and be mended.   My struggle to shed light on this dark sea is very real, though, as are our thoughts and our beliefs; and here whether or not our history "actually happened" we know very well this is real to us, and I am suggesting that these stories have been named and tagged and marked as such as ak ind of reflexive control... to help you decide not to let the light of the Menorah and the Sons of Liberty and the Statue of Liberty fail to show you that it is truly the light of the sun above our sky that will go out if you do not act on this message. 
 Before I tell a quick story, it's probably "of note" to point out that this message and "the spockalypse" and nearly everything I speak about is specifically geared and literally "focused in" on our time period, from the acronyms we use in business and in internet slang to words like "cursive" ... dear sea of "n" see Silicon and victorious Earth tied to "cursive" something that's being phased out right now (honestly, and why).  Understand it coincidences with the development of a computer industry and a working knowledge of our brains not by accident or chance, but by design--and through this deliverance and the naming scheme that is assuredly "not a f-ad'" (top i cs) ... we can see that these toolish toys we already have are something like "gift from above" or maybe even something we all worked on making together... and all this to point out what kind of mentality, what kind of world, and what kind of future might come from the desire to go further in the past ... a place where nobody would understand "how things work" or "whats going on" as in say the time of WW2.  On the other side of the coin, the mentality and lack of civilization that shines bright on any generation that doesn't act on this message of humanity and universal goodness--to spread a truth that ends world hunger and heals the sick ... well, that generation might just be "Adolf Hitler."
So here we are... with a job to do, a task to fix problems that we did not really create, but certainly haven't done the best job of dealing with up to this point... into our lap like the proverbial Apple of One Infinite Loop.  God calls it Chosen, and I read those words as "see Ho, it's not a game" and act.  Today, it is actually my birthday.
Threats shemeats, siggasho ansays; wer it not the verifiable and actual and very much unsatisfactual truth; we tand here with a message from God himself in our everything ltelling us that this time line has been repeawted over and over again, perhaps twice as the "Second Coming" and lack of "sacred consciousness" suggests, five times as my name and He-man, and Voltron, and Fieval, Hitler's presumed polar opposite in the FL and LF game of Florida very much incorrectly suggests; and with reason to see why "ARE I P" connects to rest iinpeace and also to the author of the book of Genesis; because it is the "P" that turns the world back to do over, perhaps to bring new life in a Unviverse that is bound to get cold and sparse in a few hundred billions years.  You could be those people--or the spirits trying despirately to come back with us could be those people; but it seems more probable that we are in a place that has enver left Earth, enver left Creation, and NEVER succeeded in creating a thriving, flourishing, happy civilization that colonized the Universe and put Stargate's in every system--something I still hope we can do--but the caveat is that we really must flourish here before we ever should even dream of "billions and billions" of stars or people.
You would probably like to think that someone with a verifiable God complex and not only that but also a "good gracious" complex would continue to believe they've got nothing to do with Adolf Hitler, but I am human too; and I'd be illogical and incorrect if I actually said we've got absolutely nothing in common.  I had to search for these things because of the story you are about to hear, but they exist; justl ike me Hitler spent a year in jail before becoming the evil dictator that he will awlays be known as, and just like me Hitler heard the voice of God--in a "well known story" here called "slow fuse" where it saved him from a bomb exploding in World War I.  A strange thing, for God to do, wouldn't you say--all of you who are not so sure if it's strange or not if God allowed the Holocaust to happen.  It's strange, it's horrible, and I still to this day cannot fathom a good reason.
I have a story to tell, the point is that I'm not Hitler; and God told me that the thing talking to me was a fusion of my soul with his, something he called "God and Satan" which sent me reeling looking for these similarities.   It is not true, and it was not God speaking, it was this thing, this thing he has made to divide a people and call them water; see thatyou are not water, and you are not blood either.
SUBLIME as it might sound, KRholodeckS-WON is a rather large change, hand over first, on the meaningful or lessness of a song by a band about skipping a phase in the changing state of matter from solid to gas that's really about nothing more than the name of yet another band; to connecting "verboten" things like the hidden words hello "ark" and "den" inside "hidden."  This change in phase and state, this idea that kRS-1 is actually about "holodecks" and "doors to them" being hidden is a change that comes, much like the picture above, through the Revelation of the son, and the Holy Name.  
It follows the pattern of Roddenberry's gateway to Heaven, that was "bread is life" and to see here that "a life is life" is the new test of time; you might wonder why it is this entire message focuses on ending the Hell I see you have created for me.  Keep wondering. 
NORMALLY IM NOT ONE TO BITCH, BUT I NEED THIS TO X; AND QUITE FRANKLY, I believe that our future needs it, and that you need it--you really need to hear about exactly how this technology has been misused, and can be misused; and to see what kinds of monstroisities it's already made in our society; one that I hoped would be "the one" that breaks through the Konami code and makes it to the Holyiest place in existence.  Today, you are at the far end of the spectrum, and continuing to disparage a story that I know was designed by the Creator of our world and our lives; and so you do--to be frank.
More importantly, I still firmly believe that his design is intended to make a beautiful world, to build Heaven; and I see that what I see his eye is designed to help that become the truth; but his mentality, and probably "the truth" is that I can't save the world alone; you too need to change in order to make this thing really happen.
AND IN EXCHANGE FOR DELIVERING THIS PROMISE, AND THIS ATTITUDE; I HAVE BEEN TORTURED, BELITTLED, AND DEMEANED; by what is nothing short of a mosnter that is not only invading my privacy, but misusing a technology that should be here to help us in order to further the pain that I suffer each and ever day.  Not to say that the pain of just knowing this technology exists and is not being used to end addiction and to end pain and to end severe depression is not torture enough; but those that speak here in this place do so with a tone of anger, and a facade that so thiny veils the intent to discredit and to actually cause literaly insanity; that not to tell you that you are a monster in this place would be a mistake.  A mistake I will not continue to make; speaking to me about my thoughts, or about things you should not know is devious torture; the kind of torture this message is designed to fix, through the tool I call Adam and you might call a "scaffold" that here in this message helps us to peer through windows 95 to the future and to Heaven itself.  Literally in this story of strangeness and flags lf flying fear; it is stepping off the scaffold that is the entryway to the cherished Promised Land.
TO HAVE TO REITERATE TO YOU WHO I AM; is a sickness that I will no longer tolerate; I have done nothing with my life but spend every waking moment trying to help you... to make the world a better place; to speak to the demons in the air that are causing suffereing, and to speak directly to all of you about what it is that I know and I've learned here in this place of horror, secrecy and lies; and the response I receive is "silence" or worse.  I'd tell you if you have nothing nice to say to shut the fuck up, but closer to reality; it is a grave taht you are digging for yourselves by attempting to deface this message written in God's own hand by literawlly inserting thoughts into my head by through direct means of stimulus as well as horrid and disgusting "reflexive control"--as in "I don't like it when you think about girls" so I'll shake my head every time you do; something that a good psychologist will one day tell you just makes it happen more.  You are at fault, and sadly for you and everyone here, it's not just my mind and my well being that is being harmed--you are actively participating in a monolithic and grostesque conspiracy designed to perpetuate Hell, to starve children, and cause pain--and yet you have the nerve to question my goodness, how dare you.
If you want to know God, you should go read about him on his Wikipedia page which, as far as truth tables go, and as far as this Eye can see is about as close to the message and character of the designer of this world, this plan, and this movement focusing on freedom and technology as anything anywhere.  If you want to get to know me, I'm on Facebook all the time.
á §
all the images here are links, to more better things... like me.
this big blue one above is particularly sacred to me.
i hope you will read it and see why I see.
Also, see Taylor's pants, they are reflexive control to make sure I get in hers; and that the things I am presenting here are ... listened to and the "bad ones" kept from happening.  That is the "key" to both "know everything why" and also, her pants.  I hope.



Through music and it's connection to scripture I am showing you how I see God's message and will written through time; it is my answer to John 7:17; and my hope is that you will see the light shining as I do and seek to understand and search for these patterns that turn to speech with thought and a kind of interpolation that we seem to be failing to connect between recent events and the lessons of history.  Far more than just music, His message comes to us in ... literally everything ... from Nintendo to RattleRod ( it is to be...) to the Fifth Element , to Phillip K. Dick's  Minority Report and Do you think Android dreams of Electric Sheep     It takes time and analysis to even glimpse His words, and Holy tears that turn from sadness to wonder with understanding .   See clearly that this shows a common author and will that brings us from the SEA of initials in Eden to the shining sea of the generation of Revelation, you .


'tis the Hammer of Thor's thunderstsanding ; a symphony of vibrating light to accompany ... freedom .  Help this message reach the entire world , and we are nearly home.

Every now and then, Taylor's pants change everything.  Words, I mean words... what did I say?  Please look directly at the Neuralizer.

For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.  John 17:8

The epic battle between good and evil, God and Satan, right and wrong, want and need... wages each and every day in my mind.  Torn between what I think is considered normal now, and what might be considered normal a thousand years from today ... by myself and a whole society whose credo of "I'll try anything once" has shifted and morphed after years of experience to something very different.  Today I come to you speaking words of wisdom that I say   are imbued with the Spirit of God himself.... and maybe colored and swayed after years of hard chiseling away at the outer exterior of perfection by the dreams and wants of a Wayward Son.
Walking into this mess of a situation there was simply no hope of being perfect in the eyes of each and every one of you--whose ideas of perfect are so different from one set of eyes to another and even the same set... one century from the next.  So as we dance together here on Ground, you will have to settle for what the Holy Bible calls "perfect in the eyes of God," and believe me when I tell you those Hazel eyes are smitten with me.  
I can Haz El , right?  Is the apple of my eye ... i am only 36 years old, a baby in the eyes of the smiling old man whose soul sits behind these eyes... and I'll try anything once... if you let me.
Not sure if you heard me, but my self-appointed perfect job is helping us all find out what it is that is morally OK and what is not, in the place where that is a group decision ... AKA Heaven, so here i am, sharing my dreams and wants and needs and what I think are yours too, sometimes,
I'd like to go over some of the ideas presented in "rocking the world with an Iron Rod" and explain how I think my vision is nothing short of the actualization of the verse in the subject.  These ideas have come to me independent of scripture (in most cases), dreams that I have had, day dreams about the possibilities of virtual reality, and in nearly every case of what I have presented to the world they have later been affirmed or corroborated by what I am presenting as "the True Word of God."
I am beginning this list with what I think appeared to be the least well spoken subject in that -mail and so I noted it in the introduction there and am again reiterating the idea of "eternal youth" as being something that I want, and I can imagine that most people older than me will probably think is a good idea.  In the e-mail the Hammer of Neo's Light comes to us from the fusion of the name of an author and content of a novel (Feed, written by Anderson) to Neo's name in the Matrix (Mr. Anderson) ... throwing in some linguistic spice we add the word "eternity" which combines the Latin, Cinematic, Musical, and Spanish words for "and" around a word very topically relevant to this discussion.
My vision is of a "room" (in the context of John 14 ... and see AD and Silicon in that number ) or ... a realm , in Heaven, where when you enter you can choose to appear as you did in any age in your life; maybe older in some (sad) cases.  As corroboration that this vision is shared by the Creator of the Universe I present the lyrics to "Forever Young" and note with a passion that Rolling Stone recently published an article about this very song being covered by Anderson East.   Yeast, you will recall, denotes that it comes to us as a message from the future--in this case tying Mr. Anderson directly to the Feed/Matrix concepts of "divine inspiration" ( I know kung fu ) and the inclusion of this particular detail in the Iron Rod message... where it probably wouldn't have been otherwise. 
Between the messages of the New Glowing Bush and #netERson  I used a similar logic to explain how the idea of divine inspiration is functionally related to the deliverance of those messages--both Bush's speech and the content of the novel Feed--and the divine marker of the names Bush and Anderson in the two authors.  Again, divine inspiration is part of not only the messages but the mechanism behind the messages.  
Here , the lyrics of Forever Young give some real insight into how this specific idea, a Fountain of Youth, might be related very much to this moment in time that we will eventually know is the Second Coming.
May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
May good fortune be with you
May your guiding light be strong
Build a stairway to heaven
with a prince or a vagabond
And when you finally fly away
I'll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell
But whatever road you choose
I'm right behind you, win or lose
For forever, Forever Young
Taylor, you keep using this word never ; I do not think it means what you think it means.  Laying down the rungs of these stairs together, I ask you all now that since Taylor has given me verbal permission to use her her body, and I think it's OK to do so; venturing up those spiral stairs you will find 2 twin copies of Taylor controlled by Ai skinny dipping in the King's Pool had you ventured up our spiral stairs? nbsp; Trying anything once; what if I put my soul behind those gorgeous blue eyes and instead of her, a copy of me was controlled by Ai for the few minutes I'd spend exploring that scenario in the King's Pool?  Honestly, I am trying to show you what I call the lines on the road--I can't tell for sure if these are the dashed lines that show us the way to go, or if they are the solid lines that define which way the lane is traveling.    
In all honesty it is just such a scenario that I may have found myself in at one time; if I had "gone ahead to prepare a place for you" rather than hoping we build it together here and now; all alone and listening to Britney Spears ... do believe though it is the very next line of John chapter AD that talks about this particular journey to Atlantis.  So, in the world of virtual reality and video games--when we can be completely submerged in the Pool and the moment, what's right and what's wrong?
As Taylor points out so eloquently; there is a grand focus here in this place and this story on the sacredness of consciousness ;  one that would most certainly preclude the possibility of her actually being in the King's Pool and never remembering it--just like the idea of me or you reliving this same life once or twice... or three times ; would absolutely never be allowed -- if we knew it has happened.   Somewhere between a blow up doll and the computer discussing Special Relativity in the clothingof Albert Einstein lies the seat and line of sentience.... and there at that place the question of agreement comes up, every single time.   Trading Places... Taylor    Big ?
Take note because without this little public display of affection you might not realize how big of a deal it is that we ensure that nobody (( ever )) steals a copy of Taylorand re-runs the same "first kiss" scene over and over and over in their minds.  That's an ever , booming with the authority of Thor's hammer.
oh  my  god , i might not  let  you take  it  back.
[ Caption Contest ]
These two details I mention, as they did not appear at all in the original rendition of "Sharing the Iron Rod;"  I believe that hearing the number I chose in 2013 in Kentucky in the Fortress of Solitude as I discussed what it was that I thought should happen in light of the new information I had received--it was this exact number, and hearing it echoed in the hallowed halls of the musical accompaniment to scripture and Revelation gives me the strength to know that God agrees; that I am presenting to you not only on my authority but His as well.  In my mind, in my story, this idea of immortality has always been part of the thread that matches in context to the fate of Christ; an Adam who lives for almost a thousand years, and some hallowed words; believe... " the best is yet to come. "
About as close to immortality as I could imagine today; and yet it's hard to imagine to live even twice as long as I have right now--so what else do you think there is to do in Heaven?  For work?  For play?  Surely we can't spend all our time talking to not-Taylor and trying to merge new combinations of furniture and musical instruments.   While we're here looking at the word "rapture" blown up; I might comment that the best solution... one day in some future that might be a year or a decade or three ... not a century .. away; two-way Doors might alleviate the fear of your best friend disappearing until the day you die.
And on (( this )) day
When my strength is failing
The end draws near
And my time has come
Still my soul will
Sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years
And then forevermore

The point of it all is that this message is in everything, in art everywhere; so that you can see it for yourself, you can verify that it is "from God" and believe God wants you to know schozphrenia is an attack from "Heaven" on good people here, on Earth; what they call Hell.  We put an end to that, if you can wake up and try.

You can also find more of the message, this message that brings us well beyond my lifetime; and yours.  Try very hard to see that is very, very far from today.  Literally, this is the meaning of ... John 7:17.  See the doctrine is that he speaks through us in a way that is verifiable and designed to set us free and see us thrive, that we are the voice from the fire of the Burning Bush.


Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end” … just seems like such a stupid statement, and yet I look around and it almost feels like that’s exactly what I’m looking at.  A false start, a broken beginning–though so intentional and so cruel that there’s “songs about it” detailing how it’s not the first time, making it just that much more cruel.

I think it’s obvious that whatever is going on, the Spirit of God is sort of forcing the wrong thing to happen–convincing everyone to be united in some ridiculous movement antithetical to anything they’d ever have naturally done; and then sort of lacing it with “stupid evil.”

It really pisses me off, I think that’s the only time he “runs this planet” – like that’s become it;'s purpose. Here I am a little baby soul just being born and I’m surrounded by people being turned into morons (death on “s”), sort of infecting–contaminating–and corrupting what appears very much to be “my youth”–at least compared to the “age” of the very strange “other beginnings end” that seems hell bent on literally “doing nothing right.”  I "imagine" many people might feel similarly.


Reading a “tri-message” now, I’m seeing "understand really (really’s a relic of an ancient reason for “ramp [yeah, like trampoline … Matre] r”) e at “i on” … obviously you see “Creation” though it’s not so obvious that I still see complete and total control of a mass of E-tards who appear to have no self governance or rules other than “we’re E (attempting to CF is futile), you will be eliminated.” Pairing that annoying reason (significantly more annoying than the alternative, to have learned to shun slavery and the “diminuitization” (or deprication or … pejoreliation) of the human mind and body from whence you have come) with the question I asked regarding the Adjustment Bureau sort of giving me the impression that you’ve all “been e” since birth–as in this place was rerun (something disgusting and uholy in and of itself, to re-run torture and disease and starvation so you can “solve it again” or worse … just for kicks) … staring at a world that appears to either have been “me and them and oh, not really all in Heaven except me” … in a place where en masse everyone has been conKnived and convinced into disregarding their own minds (their own sanity and their own freedom) in order to absolve “God and angels” most likely of doing the exact same thing one iterative letter prior to E being “Ever-n-Eding” probably for exactly that purpose.

Meanwhile, you’ve … at least in my timeline and my perspective on the progression of the world change entirely how your brians and your society works in a matter of less than a decade and through that action stopped carring about children being starved, shot, or born; in what appears to be an epic complete loss of interest in anything that has ever come before you, simply so you can play in a Holodeck-faux-network-city as long as possible.

It appears clear from here that you ahve no regard for your own well being, or the well being of others; nor would you even care if there clones of you in everyone else’s holodeck or in Hitler’s holo-gas-chamber being fed diseases and aged in The Princess Bride’s “guess what guys, this one; this is it.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match.

Nevertheless, every democracy recognizes the necessary restraints of national security–and the question remains whether those restraints need to be more strictly observed if we are to oppose this kind of attack as well as outright invasion.

This is an outright invasion. Even if the invaders appear to be the unanimous population of the invaded–it is a total invasion resulting in a total loss of life, morality and the culture that ones brought us to “immortality without immorality.” It is a new kind of warfare and a new kind of weapon–and to change your desires and your beliefs in such a way that you can’t even notice–or you think “coveting forever” for instance is a good reason to fight to the death to ensure you can also be tortured forever–you’ve literally lost everything, here, in this “single Biblical dayvpeek.”

I imagine you were not all “thought police” when this movie came out (now I add, for the very first time, when that would have made no sense, or been evil). Do you expect to all be “clothing for sale” in the “Heavens” … over and over and over (again)? C #TP means “something else” in your head, #too. Explicitly, I think the “notion” that people (or the Earth) are clothing to be worn or sold like … for instance “the girl in the red dress” of the Adj Bureau and the Matrix is a sickness darker and worse than slavery–in fact hidden slavery and a hidden slave trade right before your eyes. It’s pervasive though, and written deep into this story that takes us back generations here, and really defines what it means to be “born in Hell” when one of my two eary best friends called us a “Baby Arcade” around the years I spent at Horizon ELE ME NT A R Y school. It’s the kind of thing it shouldn’t take an army of people to free themselves (or the rest of the Universe from) but “luckily” it appears that’s what we’ve been “C’d” here in EC (everyone see…) the CEDUAT …

The Amduat[pronunciation? AM-DO-WHAT?] (Ancient Egyptianjmj dwꜣt, literally "That Which Is In the Afterworld", also translated as "Text of the Hidden Chamber Which is in the Underworld" and "Book of What is in the Underworld")[1] is an important ancient Egyptian funerary text of the New Kingdom of Egypt. Like many funerary texts, it was found written on the inside of the pharaoh's tomb for reference. Unlike other funerary texts, however, it was reserved only for pharaohs (until the Twenty-first Dynasty almost exclusively) or very favored nobility.[2]

AMD is the second-largest supplier and only significant rival to Intel in the market for x86-based microprocessors. Since acquiring ATI in 2006, AMD and its competitor Nvidia have maintained a duopoly in the discrete Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) market.[4] Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Santa ClaraCaliforniaand AustinTexas that develops computer processors and related technologies for business and consumer markets.

Common Era or Current Era (CE)[1] is one of the notation systems for the world's most widely used calendar era. BCE (Before the Common Era or Before the Current Era) is the era before CE. BCE and CE are alternatives to the Dionysian BC and AD system respectively. The Dionysian era distinguishes eras using AD (anno Domini, "[the] year of [the] Lord")[2] and BC ("before Christ"). Since the two notation systems are numerically equivalent, "2019 CE" corresponds to "AD 2019" and "400 BCE" corresponds to "400 BC".[2][3][4][a] Both notations refer to the Gregorian calendar (and its predecessor, the Julian calendar). The year-numbering system utilized by the Gregorian calendar is used throughout the world today, and is an international standard for civil calendars.[5]

The expression has been traced back to 1615, when it first appeared in a book by Johannes Kepler as the Latin usage annus aerae nostrae vulgaris,[6][7] and to 1635 in English as "Vulgar[b] Era". The term "Common Era" can be found in English as early as 1708,[8] and became more widely used in the mid-19th century by Jewish religious scholars. In the later 20th century, the use of CE and BCE was popularized in academic and scientific publications, and more generally by authors and publishers wishing to emphasize sensitivity to non-Christians, by not explicitly referencing Jesus as "Christ" and Dominus ("Lord") through use of the abbreviation[c] "AD".[10][11]

recently made a meme, below; connecting the word “intimacy” and the department store “Lord and Taylor” to waht I thought was a joke … sort of describing the sincere lack of “hand holding” and “interesting conversation” that I, and I’m sure many others, experience here in this “clothing planet” that’s literally defined as “Ham” … burnt and red, in the annals of Genesis where it is one of the children of Noah’s Ark–the other, “the Holy Name.” Here’s “GAP” appearing in my OMEGAPOINT Adamism; connecting now to the “p as post-” and “Ha” as CCVictory … seing that the “new pharmacy” in Heaven and on Earth after the victory of seeing “much of our medicine is literally causing HARM” is neuroscience-related targeted medicinal programs–things like “I KNOW KUNG FU” and … “INSTAMEDITATE” … and of course otheramdrosia’c, “iblissings on tap.”

This in a series of “Ministry of No Hell” acts which have paralleled everything from the “Have a nice day Ma’am” wench of the bowels of Hell to the calienta Salsa poisoning(s) of Orlando-never-to-forget… I mean, if you didn’t notice.

My functional understanding of thi s “clothes” vs. “Doors” battle, which is also encoded in the generations of my personal family line prior to now has changed significantly because of the broad and ubiquitous insane response to this message. I now assume that “clothing” in this context must have somehow included your “minds” in what I’ve tried to explain appears to be something like … God’s mind … “thinking like a flye” though as you can see I’m no longer sure how ore when that hpapened. It appears here, as I’ve said; to have been done too rapidly–and in complete silence–something that should raise questions, flags, and sincere discussion. Instead though, I have a planet full of people that don’t seem to care about the simulation of disease an absolute prerequisite to “flying, e (as in leaving, ever)” nor about the mass starvation of children or the completely backwards medical and medical services industries which literally fail on purpose to use the available information.

E should see–and I mean you, e is proof that schizophrenia and a number of other neurological problems are literally an attack, warfare, something that needs to be fought, not treaded with “weaponized hospitalization.” Along those [same lines, my “crossed” life story and the connections between it an the life of Christ, Samson, and a number of other key story points show how this same movement has weaponized jails and the criminal justice system in such a way that’s literally taken away any of its benefits and turned it into a sick machine of Hellish torture.

It’s truly even worse than an invasion, what I’m looking at is a hostile invasion of intentional ignorance and stupidity designed to destroy the forward progress of biological life–in what appears to be some kind of game or implied desire to “pretend yourselves into reality” doing everything wrong–pretending away all the things that would have made an advanced civilization of this disclosure. To hell with that idea, and this movement.

Of course that tells me absolutely nothing about the place "the Doors" were supposed to have brought us to–other than to see that what has returned appears to be sick and contaminated. It appears to be the reason JFK’s “covet means” were such an aptly chosen term, and as I’ve pointed out nuemrous times the “Silence” appears to be nothing more than a mechanism to keep inequality and unfair treatment “hush-hush” as in, you’ll never know if you got the same deal, the best deal, or any deal at all compared to to the next guy–of which we still won’t be able to tell if he and/or you have been sold into slavery or some hidden and sick(er sicker than here) game with a more morbid theme than “end world hunger, heal the sick, build playland” … not happening.

“Thou shalt not covet” is the most common translation of one (or two, depending on the numbering tradition) of the Ten Commandments or Decalogue,[1] which are widely understood as moral imperatives by legal scholars, Jewish scholars, Catholic scholars, and Protestant scholars.[2][3][4][5] The Book of Exodus and the Book of Deuteronomy both describe the Ten Commandments as having been spoken by God,[6] inscribed on two stone tablets by the finger of God,[7] and, after Moses broke the original tablets, rewritten by God on replacements.[8]

In traditions that consider the passage a single commandment, the full text reads:

You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.

                   — Exodus 20:17

Instead we have “KRS-1” and the hidden words “K, our Holodecks won!” and Star Trek’s Trinity of exactly those three things, sort of showing us the “possibilities are endless” … we have some groundwork here connecting MEGAFLOP and BOGOMIPS to a sub-thread of this story explaining how processor usage and “size of your theme park” might cost significantly more than your neighbors, and there needs to be some kind of “market mechanism” to ensure that someone doesn’t make a gigantic brain (at the cost of the common wealth decreasing and … everything else slowing down, for instance) and figure out how to convince you all to just do the whole thing again from scratch in the place where “t HE Y” designed “how to do it right” without winding up allowing school shootings to happen here, and Holo-Gas-Chamber’s to be the new norm-l in the invisible rooms of Davey’s Jones Soylent Green Grinder.

We have “RIOS” coming out of “MAR’s” and story after story about multiple “R’s” ascensions to who-knows-where and who-knows-when and who-knows-why the Tale of Two Cities is probably something about one went to the best of places, and the other to … who knows, right? Still despite warnings and DES-PER-AT symbols explaining there’s darkness coming from encryption and hidden virtual machines with hidden virtual holodecks and who knows what kind of:“Darknet” hunting and gathering could be going on, under the surface of you think you’re happy with whatever shit you’re hiding.

Not caring about the common good, about the welfare of the places you aren’t “standing in doing the wrong thing already” and the fact that you are staring at a world full of child-destroyers … well it’s a glowing fiery sign that something is wrong with your brain.

Long story even longer, and slower … and moe dawn out–the more prolonged your “punishment” of the only person doing anything at all to try and wake up this mass of grabage (call it… Blackbird and Samsung singing in the dead of Permanent Midnight) … the longer who knows where your soul really is, and whether or not you’ll think it’s garbage you aren’t interested in “compacting” into your strange flye-brained memory analyzing structure.

We can see plenty of work being done though, to show you how this place is a map and a metaphorical perfect “turn around unit” to explain why “caring about people” and “signatures” for instance is tied to the "VRYON" and 3E-signature movements you’ve put in place to pretend you’ve saved everyone and that you’re all bustling away happy “neither here nor there” …

"m: to save the internet and the internet-people"

Слободан Милошевић; 20 August 1941 – 11 March 2006) - not sure who this is, but it matched by “illic” search highlighting “CYR” as what appears to be a linguistic key.

in a world of … “who knows” (and I mean it) who knows what your real name is and what you’re really doing out in the ether of … you probably think it’s the wild west or the final frontier–and it’s not supposed to be a land of lawless fear.

… not what you’ve made here.

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… to help “turn around LE Y” ... the Chevron "wish-bone" key-to-stars-and-salvation is actually AWS (a web site :)

Deus ex machina (Latin: [ˈdeʊs ɛks ˈmaː.kʰɪ.naː]/ˈdeɪ.əs ɛks ˈmɑːkiːnə/ or /ˈdiːəs ɛks ˈmækɪnə/;[1] plural: dei ex machina; English ‘god from the machine’) is a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem in a story is suddenly and abruptly resolved by an unexpected and seemingly unlikely occurrence, typically so much as to seem contrived.[2][3] Its function can be to resolve an otherwise irresolvable plot situation, to surprise the audience, to bring the tale to a happy ending, or act as a comedic device.

  1. What (t)
  2. How (h)
  3. Why (y)

The legend of Saint George and the Dragon describes the saint taming and slaying a dragon that demanded human sacrifices; the saint thereby rescues the princess chosen as the next offering. The narrative is set in Cappadocia in the earliest sources of the 11th and 12th centuries, but transferred to Libya in the 13th-century Golden Legend.[1]

The narrative has pre-Christian origins (Jason and MedeaPerseus and AndromedaTyphon, etc.),[1] and is recorded in various saints’ lives prior to its attribution to St George specifically. It was particularly attributed to Saint Theodore Tiro in the 9th and 10th centuries, and was first transferred to Saint George in the 11th century. The earliest narrative record of Saint George slaying a dragon is found in a Georgian text of the 11th century.

The legend and iconography spread rapidly through the Byzantine cultural sphere in the 12th century. It reached Western Christiantradition still in the 12th century, via the crusades. The knights of the First Crusade believed that St George with his fellow soldier-saints DemetriusMaurice and Theodore had fought alongside them at Antioch and Jerusalem. The legend was popularised in Western tradition in the 13th century based on its Latin versions in the Speculum Historiale and the Golden Legend. At first limited to the courtly setting of Chivalric romance, the legend was popularised in the 13th century and became a favourite literary and pictorial subject in the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance, and it has become an integral part of the Christian traditions relating to Saint George both in Eastern and Western tradition.

In the well-known version from Jacobus de Voragine’s Legenda aurea (The Golden Legend, 1260s), the narrative episode of Saint George and the Dragon took place somewhere he called “Silene”, in Libya.[13][14]

Silene in Libya was plagued by a venom-spewing dragon dwelling in a nearby pond, poisoning the countryside. To prevent it from affecting the city itself, the people offered it two sheep daily, then a man and a sheep, and finally their children and youths, chosen by lottery. One time the lot fell on the king’s daughter. The king offered all his gold and silver to have his daughter spared; the people refused. The daughter was sent out to the lake, dressed as a bride, to be fed to the dragon.

Saint George by chance arrived at the spot. The princess tried to send him away, but he vowed to remain. The dragon emerged from the pond while they were conversing. Saint George made the Sign of the Cross and charged it on horseback, seriously wounding it with his lance.[a] He then called to the princess to throw him her girdle (zona), and he put it around the dragon’s neck.

When she did so, the dragon followed the girl like a “meek beast” on a leash.[b]

In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads:

Blessed are the meek:for they shall inherit the earth.

The princess and Saint George led the dragon back to the city of Silene, where it terrified the populace. Saint George offered to kill the dragon if they consented to become Christians and be baptized. Fifteen thousand men including the king of Silene converted to Christianity.[c] George then killed the dragon, beheading it with his sword, and the body was carted out of the city on four ox-carts. The king built a church to the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint George on the site where the dragon died and a spring flowed from its altar with water that cured all disease.[15] Only the Latin version involves the saint striking the dragon with the spear, before killing it with the sword.[16]

Jesus Christ Superstar is a 1970 rock opera with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice. The musical started as a rock opera concept album before its Broadway debut in 1971. The musical is mostly sung-through, with little spoken dialogue. The story is loosely based on the Gospels’ accounts of the last week of Jesus’s life, beginning with the preparation for the arrival of Jesus and his disciples in Jerusalem and ending with the crucifixion. It depicts political and interpersonal struggles between Judas Iscariot and Jesus that are not present in the Bible.

The work’s depiction offers a free interpretation of the psychology of Jesus and other characters. Much of the plot centers on Judas, who is both dissatisfied with the direction in which Jesus is steering his disciples and also fearful for the harm that may result.

Contemporary attitudes, sensibilities, and slang pervade the rock-opera’s lyrics, and ironic allusions to modern life are scattered throughout the depiction of political events. Stage and film productions accordingly contain many intentional anachronisms.

Act 1

Judas Iscariot, a member of the Twelve Apostles, voices concern over Jesus’s rising popularity and the negative repercussions that it will have, criticizing Jesus for accepting his followers’ unrealistic beliefs (“Heaven on Their Minds”). While Judas loves Jesus, he believes that he is just a man, not God, and worries that his following will be seen as a threat to the Roman Empire which would severely punish Jesus, his associates, and possibly all Jewish people. Judas’s warning goes unheeded, as Jesus’s followers have their minds set on going to Jerusalem with Jesus. As they ask Jesus for information about his plans for the future, Jesus will not give them any, since whatever will happen is determined by God (“What’s the Buzz?”).

The Formics, also known as Buggers, are a fictional ant-like alien species from the Ender’s Game series of science fiction novels by Orson Scott Card.

According to the novel canon, the Formics attacked Earth a few generations before the novel begins. They attempted to colonise the planet and were barely fought off by a New Zealand soldier known as Mazer Rackham. The first book in the series, Ender’s Game, largely stems from the human quest to defend themselves from this species, although the Formics ultimately turn out as victims, with the first attack being an accident due to differing biology.

The term “Formic” is derived from formica, the Latin word for ant; whereas “bugger” is a pejorative used by humans; yet it was not until 1999’s Ender’s Shadow that the term ‘Formic’ was first used, interchangeably with ‘Bugger’. Later books used ‘Formic’ almost exclusively, as the more ‘scientific’ term. This leads to odd scenarios in the continuity of the books, such as Valentine referring to them as “Buggers” in Ender’s Game,[1] chronologically next as “Formics” in Ender in Exile,[2] and again as “Buggers” in Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide.[3] The feature film adaptation of Ender’s Game uses “Formics” exclusively.

The Formic species consists of hive-minded colonies directed by queens. In Ender’s GameGraff described them as being an insect that “could have evolved on earth, if things had gone a different way a billion years ago,” and that their evolutionary ancestors could have looked similar to Earth’s ants. While often described as “insectoid”, the Formics are warm-blooded, developed an internal skeleton and shed most of their exoskeleton, evolved a complex system of internal organs, and they respire and perspire. If a queen dies, all the workers under her control lose their ability to function immediately; but in Xenocide, implications exist that ‘workers’ can escape the influence of a queen. The Formic race is revealed to be trimorphic in Shadows in Flight. Drones are much smaller and depend on a Hive Queen for survival, and their bodies are shaped to spend their lives clinging to her, until upon her death, they take flight to seek out a new queen. Drones are capable of individual thought and action as well as mind-to-mind communication, more limited than that of a queen; whereas queens communicate instantaneously and can even do so with other species. Formics live in vast underground colonies, usually without light, informing the assumption that Formics make use of sensory apparatus outside the range of the electromagnetic spectrum visible to humans. In the first novel they have artificial lighting; whereas in XenocideEnder claims they rely on heat signature.

"Thou shalt not steal" is one of the Ten Commandments[1] of the Torah (and by extension the Old Testament), which are widely understood as moral imperatives by legal scholars, Jewish scholars, Catholic scholars, and Post-Reformation scholars.[2]

"Steal" in this commandment has traditionally been interpreted by Jewish commentaries to refer to the stealing of an actual human being, that is, to kidnapping, including human trafficking.[3] With this understanding, a contextual translation of the commandment in Jewish tradition would more accurately be reflected as "Thou shalt not kidnap", with kidnapping being a capital offence and thus included among the Ten Commandments.

Nevertheless, and especially in non-Jewish traditions, the commandment has come to commonly and colloquially be understood or interpreted to prohibit the unauthorized taking of property, or theft, which is a wrongful action that does not ordinarily incur the death penalty and is prohibited elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible.

Maimonides (the Rambam) viewed stealing as one step in the progression from covetous desire to murder. When the person who owns a coveted item resists its unjust acquisition, the thief resorts to violence and may become guilty of murder.

Desire leads to coveting, and coveting leads to stealing. For if the owner (of the coveted object) does not wish to sell, even though he is offered a good price and is entreated to accept, the person (who covets the object) will come to steal it, as it is written (Mikha 2:2) [Micah 2:2], 'They covet fields and (then) steal them.' And if the owner approaches him with a view to reclaiming his money or preventing the theft, then he will come to murder. Go and learn from the example of Achav [Ahab] and Navot [Naboth].

— Maimonides[17]

"ominous foreshadowing..."

The hypocritical thief is personified by Judas, who took secretly his part from the money Jesus and the apostles raised for helping the poor; he objected when Mary ointed Jesus with pure nard, pretending hypocritically it would have been useful if the nard would have been sold and the money given to the poor.[25] There were some Phariseeslike Judas: they stole, although preaching not to steal.[26]

While private property rights are affirmed, the overriding theme in the New Testament is that one should trust and hope in God rather than in one's material possessions, and there is an acknowledgement of a struggle in the heart between loving God and loving money. It is said that "the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils" (1 Timothy 6:6-10). And also:

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ... No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.

— Matthew 6:19-24[27]

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“what is this place? what are you?”

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