November 2020

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The Olivenhain Town Council Newsletter

President's Letter  November 2020.

Dear Olivenhain Neighbors,


2020 has certainly been a year like no other, for each of us as individuals and families, and for the Town Council and our Olivenhain community. Our four signature fundraiser events were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic: Brat & Beer, Oktoberfest, Haunted Hotel (with Scout Troop 2000), and the Craft Fair. Nonetheless, there has been a lot accomplished. We were able to reopen the Meeting Hall grounds under San Diego County health orders and have conducted much needed community events such as the 4th of July parade and two end of summer movie nights with live music. The community has been able to use the broad open space for socially distanced youth theater, 12-step programs, and other impactful programming that provides so much psychological and social benefit during these prolonged Covid-19 restrictions.


The maintenance of the grounds and historic buildings has also continued, albeit with increased spacing.  Much of the pace feels familiar, and even somewhat cathartic this year: cleaning, repairing, seemingly never-ending struggles to tame the bats, the erosion, and a persistent leak in the men’s toilet. But in fighting the bats, we learned that the Hotel needs a new roof--please see below for additional background and details. The rainy season is coming, so there is only a short window to install the new roof. With our traditional fundraisers cancelled we will be looking for new 2020-style fundraising to pay for the roof. One idea that is gaining traction is to replace the traditional holiday wine tasting with a virtual wine auction fundraiser that will also feature and promote our local Olivenhain winemakers. If you have experience with any of the virtual fundraising platforms, please reach out to [email protected] to share your knowledge. More details will follow as we work through plans for this new early December event.


In a timely bit of news, we learned this week that we were successful in the OTC’s decades long quest to be recognized by the IRS as a charitable organization exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). With this determination, donors can deduct contributions they make to OTC under IRC Section 170. This recognition is the result of a prolonged effort led by our vice president, Mark Mayer. We need to do some work to adjust our processes for the new tax-exempt status, but this determination will now allow us to provide gift receipt letters to our donors as well as provide other operational benefits to the OTC.   


This month’s newsletter introduces links to several other Olivenhain serving community groups that we partner with. Encinitas Residents for Responsible Development (Encinitas RRD) is closely following the Goodson project and Encinitas land use issues more generally. Goodson’s most recent application to the city was filed October 22nd with a city response due November 20th, and Encinitas RRD flew a balloon cluster to demonstrate the height of the proposed building. The Rancho Santa Fe Road Task Force is sponsoring an online community conversation on Facebook and Nextdoor platforms on how to best improve safety, reduce peak hour congestion, and maintain our rural community character. The Encinitas Trails Coalition advocates for our trail system that is such an important and growing part of our community.



As we get into the Holiday Spirit, we are having a new stuffed animal drive to benefit clients of a local food pantry on Saturday 11/21 from 10 to noon--see details below. The OTC newsletter takes a well-earned Holiday break, so our next publication will be the first week of 2021. Until then, Happy Holidays everyone!


Yours in community,




Please Help us Repair the Roof!


The Hotel on the grounds of the Meeting Hall has been through a long journey in over 120 years.  Originally, it was the largest and most expensive home in Olivenhain during the Colony era.  It was constructed for Herman Baecht, his wife Katherine, and their ten children.  Herman called it the Germania Hotel, and to provide an income, Katherine did take in boarders.  The house was first sold around 1900 and became a private residence for another eighty years.  The person to own it the longest was Carl Teten who called it home for sixty years.  In 1982 the Hotel was moved from its original building site to the Olivenhain Town Council property next to the Meeting Hall.


Volunteers slowly move the Hotel to its permanent location in 1982.  Photo Credit: Richard and Twink Bumann


Following the move, there was a very ambitious group of Olivenhain Town Council volunteers that worked weekends for several years patching roofing, repairing siding, rebuilding the front porch and utility area and replacing the copula. After those initial repairs, the Hotel again gradually fell into a period of abandonment and disrepair.



The Hotel languished in the 1990s.  Photo Credit--Richard and Twink Bumann

In 2000, the Olivenhain Town Council resumed the restoration of the building which continued for the following 17 years.  The Hotel is used during the Arts and Crafts Fair, for the Boy Scouts Haunted Hotel, and for community meetings.  


Now the Hotel needs a new roof and the OTC is looking for the community to come together and help fund the reroofing this historic building.  All of our typical fund-raising activities have been cancelled this year, but the repair of the roof cannot wait, as the winter is approaching. There are open spots in the roof where bats have been making their home, and if it rains, the interior of the hotel will be damaged, undoing years of work that volunteers have put in restoring the building.


We Need Your Help!

The OTC understands that it has been a very difficult year for many in our community.  We have never asked for direct donations before to maintain the Meeting Hall or Hotel, and understand that your family comes first.  However,  If you have the means and can help preserve a historic landmark of our community, please consider donating to the Roof Repair Fund.  Any size donation will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated!  


There are two ways to make donations to the Roof Repair Fund.  The first is through PayPal:  follow this link to the OTC website and you will find a fundraising page with a link to PayPal for making a donation.


The second way to donate is to mail a check to OTC.  Please mail your check to:


Olivenhain Town Council

Attn. - Roof Repair Fund

423 Rancho Santa Fe Rd.

Encinitas, CA 92024


The OTC has been designated as a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS and your donation for the Germania Hotel roof repair may be tax deductible.  Please consult your tax advisor regarding the tax deductibility of your donation.  The OTC’s Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number is 33-0099393.


Much work has been done to restore the hotel, inside and out.  The new roof will protect the historic building for years to come. Photo Credit: Richard and Twink Bumann

Stuffed Animal Drive

                 Benefiting Saint Andrew’s Food Pantry Encinitas


When:  Saturday, November 21st

Where: Olivenhain Town Hall – Drive Thru

Time:    10:00 a.m. to 12 Noon

Place:    Olivenhain Town Hall Parking Lot

What:    New stuffed animal no taller than 12”


We believe in their power to comfort. Our most vulnerable children in Encinitas need some community love this holiday season. There’s just something so special about having a soft toy to call your own. It’s always there to give you a snuggle.



Mark Your Calendars (OTC 2020 Events):


  • Olivenhain Holiday Crafts Fair: 


  • Holiday Decorating of the Olivenhain Mtg. Hall Grounds: 
              Saturday, Dec. 5 from 9:00am to 11:00am


  • Olivenhain Members Holiday Wine Tasting: 
              Please see President's Letter in this newsletter for information regarding                                            the OTC's virtual wine auction (tentatively planned for early December 2020).


All events are held at the Olivenhain Meeting Hall, 423 Rancho Santa Fe Rd., unless otherwise noted. 

For more information, please email:   [email protected]


Olivenhain Spirit

Olivenhain Town Council wearables make wonderful gifts, and we have a great selection. Available styles and colors for the t-shirts are available, as well as sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are $30, T-shirts are $15. In addition, 25 oz. glass mugs w/ the Olivenhain logo are $20 & 16 oz. glass mugs w/ the Olivenhain logo are $15. We can deliver locally, or arrange for you to pick up at your convenience. Payment can be made with cash, check or via Venmo. To order, please email [email protected].


In addition, the sturdy, stylish and often-seen Colony Olivenhain metal license plate frames ($30) as well as the Colony Olivenhain history books written by resident and local historian Richard Bumann ($20) are available for purchase at Postal Corner during normal business hours.

 Postal Corner is located at 2240 Encinitas Blvd. Suite D, Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-633-1100

Community groups

Olivenhain Rancho Santa Fe Road Task Force

The Rancho Santa Fe Road Task Force was formed to engage the Olivenhain community in a conversation about improving our section of the road. After seeking input from community members, we have directed our focus on reducing traffic congestion during peak hours and improving safety and walkability while maintaining our rural community character.

We’ve created the pages below as a place for community members to discuss their concerns about the road. The Task Force will also post updates, provide information, and notify the community about upcoming meetings. What are your top concerns and priorities for RSF Road? What improvements would you like to see? Welcome to the conversation!  Click on the links below to join:



Encinitas Residents for Responsible Development 

We are a group of Encinitas residents working to create public awareness about the disastrous consequences of high-density R-30 zoning. Our aim is to promote better and viable solutions to the housing crisis and restore trust in the participatory process. Click the link below for more information:


Encinitas Trails Coalition 
Encinitas Trails Coalition is a nonprofit grassroots organization that's making a difference in our community.

Adopted in 2003, the Recreational Trail Master Plan was developed to link outdoor-related opportunities within Olivenhain. The trail system connects Parks and Open Space to Schools and Community Facilities for a variety of recreational user conveniences such as hiking, biking, running and horseback riding. Motorized vehicles are not permitted. The Olivenhain Trails are one of San Diego’s finest and most diverse trail systems and provide many loop connections that help folks enjoy various trail experiences. The trails range in difficulty, terrain and environment. Olivenhain Trails Maps available for sale at Carter’s Hay & Grain. Click link below for more information:

Stay connected!


OTC Facebook Page

If you are interested in getting information and updates on Facebook from the Olivenhain Town council, please "like" and "follow" our new Facebook page:

We will post event updates, history about our town, and community pictures. Please invite your neighbors to like the page as well!

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OTC Membership

Olivenhain is a unique and history rich community. We are fortunate to have the Meeting Hall and grounds for our community events. The colonists had the foresight to set this area aside for the community. If only they know, it would remain the social gathering place in Olivenhain for more than 120 years. The Olivenhain Town Council now manages the grounds and buildings, but in the spirit of the colonists, it belongs to you, the community. When you join the Olivenhain Town Council, it isn’t just a membership; you are helping to preserve and perpetuate our unique heritage. Thank you for your membership and please tell a neighbor and encourage them to also join the Olivenhain Town Council. That can be done on the OTC website:

2019-2020 Olivenhain Town Council Board and Committee Chairs

Town Council Board:

President                 Dan Vaughn            [email protected]
Vice President         Mark Mayer             [email protected]
Secretary                 Mike Shields            [email protected]
Treasurer                 Bob Nortman           [email protected]
Director                    Stan Cole                [email protected]
Director                    Ed Brehm                b[email protected]
Director                    Jennifer Bishop        [email protected]

Committee Chairpersons:

Newsletter               Lisa Perkis                [email protected]
Buildings                 Stan Cole                  [email protected]

Building Contents   Jennifer Bishop         [email protected] 
Grounds                  Paul Van Slyke          [email protected]
Membership            Mark Mayer               [email protected]
Hall Scheduling       Marolyn Van Slyke    [email protected]
Social Media           Jennifer Bishop          [email protected]
Events                     Ed Brehm                  [email protected]

Olivenhain Town Council web site  

City of Encinitas - City Council's Office

City Council Group E-Mail:
[email protected]

Catherine S. Blakespear
[email protected]


Deputy Mayor
District 3
Jody Hubbard
[email protected]


Council Member
Tony Kranz
District 1
[email protected]


Council Member
District 4
Joe Mosca
[email protected]

Council Member
District 2
Kellie Hinze
(760) 633-2622
[email protected]

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