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Forgiveness, a botched survey, and why there are no such things as bad races
“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”

– Bruce Lee
Happy Tuesday, dearest Warmup recipients! Not to kick things off on too sour of a note today, but go ahead and think of a moment from your past where you fell short of your own expectations in a race or a training cycle.

It really doesn’t matter how agonizingly close to reaching a goal you come. As long as you’re on the wrong end of it, it still hurts, right? Well imagine you’ve run (well, really you’ve run, slid, crawled, walked, limped, etc.) three loops at the notorious Barkley Marathons, only to stop short of finishing. (And to be fair, this happens to most people who attempt the Barkley.)

That’s just what happened this year. At this past weekend’s 2018 running of the seriously masochistic endurance event, not a single soul completed all five loops, due in part to rainy, foggy conditions. You would hope each of the 40 brave runners who even started the race are proud of their efforts. Running a race like Barkley comes with its risks, and toeing the line is an act of defiance in its own way. Why treat your own running any differently?

So this Tuesday, go ahead and forgive yourself for any past running experiences you hold in less than high regard, and remember, that on this crazy journey to fitness and fulfillment, it’s often the process that matters most.
Before we give out the results from last week’s survey, we owe you all an apology! We messed up and sent out a link to a form that was only accessible by those with Runner’s World email addresses. (For what it’s worth, all two of us who responded in-house said we were dog people…)

Your newsletter writer from last week apologizes profusely, and hopes to make things right by linking to an accessible-to-all Google form here, so that we can democratically and fairly decide once and for all, whether cats or dogs are better.

Take the poll here. And sorry again!
5K split registered by Geoffrey Kamworwor near the tail end of his victory at the 2018 World Half Marathon Championships. The Kenyan speedster’s final time was 60:02—by all accounts impressive—but it was his closing speed that left running pundits near-speachless. For reference, the 5,000 meter run at the 2017 World Track & Field Championships was won in 13:32, on a track, although in a highly tactical race.
Today is Fergie’s birthday! Regardless of how you feel about the singer’s recent rendition of the national anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, we hope you’ll join us in wishing her a happy 43rd birthday.

Your 5K of the Day is the Chocolate Chase Rabbit Run in Palos Heights, Illinois. This weekend is chock full of rabbit themed races, with Easter taking place on Sunday, and this Chicagoland race is no exception. It boasts the standard offerings—chip timing, a certified, fast course—but it piqued our interest thanks to its proclamation that postrace, runners are in for “all the chocolate [they] can handle!”
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Sick of your standard routes around your neighborhood? One high school cross-country runner may have come up with the solution.

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