February 2020

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The Olivenhain Town Council Newsletter

                    President's Letter--February 2020


Dear Olivenhain Neighbors,


You may have heard that Randy Goodson withdrew his application for the 277-unit 60’ apartment project at RSF Rd and Encinitas Blvd. Many of you probably also saw the note that Juliana Maxim, spokesperson for Encinitas Residents for Responsible Development (EncinitasRRD), and I shared with folks who had opted in to hear about updates on the project. If you want to opt in to hear updates in the future, you can do so through this survey. In that letter, we warned that the withdrawal was clearly temporary and tactical.  Indeed, Friday January 31st , he submitted a new application. In addition to opposing the Goodson project, our partners at EncinitasRRD are working for more local control of land use planning and better alternatives to the R-30 overlay zoning through advocacy, education, and if necessary, litigation. You can volunteer to help EncinitasRRD in any of
several ways through this survey.

You have probably also seen the restriping at the southern end of Rancho Santa Fe Rd. This is the first step in adding additional left turn capacity to reduce congestion during
the morning commute to I-5S. This was the first tangible result of our year-long partnership with the city as the Rancho Santa Fe Road Task Force. Last winter and
spring, through a community survey and a meeting at the town hall, we identified a
mandate to reduce peak congestions along Rancho Santa Fe Rd while enhancing safety
and to the extent possible maintaining our rural community character. You may have also
noticed that a traffic study is going on along Rancho Santa Fe Rd, which is the second
result. The strategy the task force adopted was to gather the data on what the existing
situation is, and have the city traffic engineers use those data to model alternative options
to reduce the peak hour transit delays. Once we have those date and some candidate
options, we will be coming back to the community to seek the optimal solution that best
relieves the worst of the congestion, while maintaining or improving safety, and
preserving the essential elements of our rural community character. In the meantime we
will also be advocating for the City to budget for the implementation of that future
consensus solution in the 2-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) this early March. We
anticipate coming back to the community with the options in later March and April, so it
is important to reserve some funds in this CIP cycle rather than wait to 2022 and beyond
to implement any consensus improvements.

A multi-use trail (People, Horses, Bikes) to connect OTC meeting hall to the Encinitas
Blvd intersection was budgeted in the last CIP, and you may have noticed that stretch is
still quite dangerous for any of these uses. The project on the east side of RSF Rd is
approved and ready to go, but has been delayed by complications/tardiness getting the
utilities to remove their equipment from the route. We are hoping to see construction start
as the rainy season ends.

The public works department will also be starting a major sewage trunk line replacement
through Olivenhain later this year. The trunk line is along the creek bed throughout the
Olivenhain valley, so the replacement will significantly impact our community. Please
come to the Meeting Hall, this Wednesday February 5 th at 7pm to hear the details from

Shawn Atherton (Utility Supervisor/Project Lead) and Carl Quiram (Public Works
Director). They will also be taking your questions.


Yours in community,



Fire Safe Council Update
As we announced in December, we will be forming a fire safe council for Olivenhain. Stay tuned for information about our inaugural meeting, where we will select board members, define the area we intend to serve, produce an MOA with the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County and start working on a mission statement, goals, timeline, logo, etc. (The county has everything we need to get started, so it’s not as daunting as it may sound.) If you’re interested in being part of this group, which has an especially important role to play in our at-risk community, please contact Sarah Lifton at [email protected] or 310-876-2267.  


For more information about the Fire Safe Council of San Diego County and FSCs generally, visit http://firesafesdcounty.org/.

 Lynwood Charles Cole

We lost one of the original pioneer family members in January.  Lynwood Cole passed away January 1st and we are including his obituary and a picture of him with his beloved cattle.


Lynwood was born on September 13, 1945 in Oceanside, California.  He was the youngest son of Arthur and Bertha Cole of Olivenhain, California.   Lynwood was a fourth generation of the Cole family. 


Lynwood had two brothers: Arthur Cole Jr. (Denny) and Stanley.  He graduated from San Dieguito High School in 1963. He loved fast cars and was a very good mechanic.  His favorite car was his 56 Chevy with a 327 motor.  He would challenge anyone to a race. They would head to El Camino Real next to Loomis Turkey Ranch and would pair off!  He also had a fast 69 Corvette Stingray, which he kept his entire life.


At a young age, he worked for Charlie Miller’s Feed Store in old Encinitas. Charlie had a few cows and Lynwood liked to take care of them and learn about them. He started raising cattle at home in Olivenhain for 4-H and as he grew up, Lynwood raised cattle as his main career for many years. He leased property near the area that is now Olivenhain Pioneer School and at one point had around 300 head of cattle.  When the property was sold to developers for housing, he had to sell his cattle, which was very sad for Lynwood, as he dearly missed them.


Working with cattle was his favorite occupation, but Lynwood also worked for Robert Hall’s flower business, as well as the Olivenhain Water District.  He also worked for Kenny Shull, who ran a lemon packing plant.


 He lived his whole life at the family home in Olivenhain. 


Lynwood leaves behind his brother Stan and his wife Kathy, niece Lisa Perkis and husband Ed; niece Laurie Duncan and husband Tom; grandnieces Emma Holdren, Charlotte Perkis, Annabelle Duncan, Sidney Duncan, and Cole Arthur Duncan, as well as nieces Bernice, Coleen and Amanda and multiple grandnieces and nephews. He also leaves behind his beloved Kitty (who will be well taken care of.)


He also leaves behind his good friend Earl Vincent Flores who was so kind to Lynwood and was a patient friend to him during his last years. 



Mark Your Calendars (OTC 2020 Events):
  • Olivenhain Meeting Hall & Grounds volunteer cleanup: 
          Saturday, April 4   10:00 am – 11:30 am


  • 48th Annual Olivenhain Brat & Beer Festival: 
          Sunday, April 26  Noon to 4:00 pm


  • Annual Olivenhain Town Council Election of Officers: 
        General Meeting on Wednesday, June 3rd at 7:00 pm 


  • July 4th Family Picnic Celebration: 
         Saturday, July 4th


  • 1st Annual Olivenhain Beer Tasting:  
         Saturday, July 25th or Saturday, August 1st (Exact date and time TBD) 


  • Summer Cinema Outdoor Movie Nights: 
         Friday, August 28th and Friday, September 11th at sundown  (Movies for both nights TBD)


  • Olivenhain Oktoberfest: 
         Sunday, October 4th from Noon to 4:00 pm


  • Local Political Candidates Forum (Tentative):
        (Date TBD) 


  • 21st Annual Boy Scout Troop 2000 Haunted Hotel:
        (Friday and Saturday nights in October 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30/31) 


  • Olivenhain Holiday Crafts Fair: 
         Saturday, November 14th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm                             

             (Setup on Thursday, and Friday prior to event) 


  • Holiday Decorating of the Olivenhain Mtg. Hall Grounds: 
              Saturday, Dec. 5 from 9:00am to 11:00am


  • Olivenhain Members Holiday Wine Tasting: 
              Friday, December 11th from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm


All events are held at the Olivenhain Meeting Hall, 423 Rancho Santa Fe Rd., unless otherwise noted. 

For more information, please email:   [email protected]


Olivenhain Spirit

Olivenhain Town Council wearables make wonderful gifts, and we have a great selection. Available styles and colors for the sweatshirts and t-shirts are shown in the photos above. Sweatshirts are $30, T-shirts are $15. In addition, 25 oz. glass mugs w/ the Olivenhain logo are $20 & 16 oz. glass mugs w/ the Olivenhain logo are $15. We can deliver locally, or arrange for you to pick up at your convenience. Payment can be made with cash, check or via Venmo. To order, please email [email protected].

In addition, the sturdy, stylish and often-seen Colony Olivenhain metal license plate frames ($30) as well as the Colony Olivenhain history books written by resident and local historian Richard Bumann ($20) are available for purchase at Postal Corner during normal business hours.


Postal Corner is located at 2240 Encinitas Blvd. Suite D, Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-633-1100

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OTC Membership

Olivenhain is a unique and history rich community. We are fortunate to have the Meeting Hall and grounds for our community events. The colonists had the foresight to set this area aside for the community. If only they know, it would remain the social gathering place in Olivenhain for more than 120 years. The Olivenhain Town Council now manages the grounds and buildings, but in the spirit of the colonists, it belongs to you, the community. When you join the Olivenhain Town Council, it isn’t just a membership; you are helping to preserve and perpetuate our unique heritage. Thank you for your membership and please tell a neighbor and encourage them to also join the Olivenhain Town Council. That can be done on the OTC website: www.olivenhain.org/membership

2019-2020 Olivenhain Town Council Board and Committee Chairs

Town Council Board:

President                 Dan Vaughn            [email protected]
Vice President         Mark Mayer             [email protected]
Secretary                 Mike Shields            [email protected]
Treasurer                 Bob Nortman           [email protected]
Director                    Stan Cole                [email protected]
Director                    Ed Brehm                [email protected]
Director                    Karen Stephen        [email protected]

Committee Chairpersons:

Newsletter               Lisa Perkis                [email protected]
Buildings                 Stan Cole                  [email protected]
Grounds                  Paul Van Slyke          [email protected]
Membership            Mark Mayer               [email protected]
Hall Scheduling       Marolyn Van Slyke    [email protected]
Social Media           Jennifer Bishop          [email protected]
Events                     Ed Brehm                  [email protected]

Olivenhain Town Council web site            www.olivenhain.org

City of Encinitas - City Council's Office

City Council Group E-Mail:
[email protected]

Catherine S. Blakespear
[email protected]


Deputy Mayor
District 3
Jody Hubbard
[email protected]


Council Member
Tony Kranz
District 1
[email protected]


Council Member
District 4
Joe Mosca
[email protected]

Council Member
District 2
Kellie Hinze
(760) 633-2622
[email protected]

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