April 2020

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The Olivenhain Town Council Newsletter

President's Letter--April 2020


Dear Olivenhain Neighbors,

It has been quite a month. The Vaughn family is in week three of coronavirus lockdown, and cabin fever has set in. Our high school senior is in the midst of college decisions, online classes, and the cancellation of his senior lacrosse season, prom and other rites of passage. It is easy to feel sorry for ourselves in this crises not of our making, but it is perhaps better to think of those who are much more severely affected: our front line health care workers and first responders, the exponentially increasing sick and dying, and those who are living paycheck to paycheck and suddenly find themselves without one.

I earned my Biology PhD from Caltech and have developed FDA regulated drugs and medical devices for 20+ years, so I know a bit about this pandemic from a technical perspective, and I am appalled at the misinformation being spread. Please get your information from reliable sources, and not Facebook, well intentioned emails from friends and family, or even much of the news media and many of our politicians. Here are several sources that are reliable:


Encinitas: Covid 19 Updates
San Diego County: County Updates
California:  California Updates
US: National Updates
World: World Updates


More Technical

Scientific: Interview with Caltech Scientist
Clinical: YouTube Video


The Olivenhain Town Council has made several decisions to support the community during this challenging time. We are postponing our annual Beer and Brats get-together to a future date when it is safe to come together physically and celebrate our community. Additionally, we have closed the Meeting Hall, Hotel, and grounds to all gatherings through at least the end of April, and this will continue as long as conditions warrant. We are looking at ways to facilitate community interaction safely (and remotely), and continuing our Council work through Zoom and other digital resources. As you can imagine, the disruptions have put a dent in our balance sheet, but we have the cash reserves to weather this disruption. We are also pursuing tax exempt status to facilitate fund raising down the line.

In the meantime, I am encouraged by the creativity and compassion of our community. My wife Betsy has been out at 7 pm ringing a bell and listening for others. Thank you neighbors for this audible reminder of our community: CBS Local News Video about Ringing Bells


Meanwhile, one of our local teens has been spending her lock down sewing masks for our healthcare workers, way to go Mia! Local Teen Sews Masks Video

Be well, and stay safe Olivenhain.

Yours in community,


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The Bumann Ranch

By Richard Bumann 

The Bumann Ranch, 1935


It is with great joy to announce that the Olivenhain Bumann Ranch was added to the National Register of Historic Places in March of 2020. This is a significant milestone and, including the Meeting Hall, gives Olivenhain two placements on the National Register. The Bumann Ranch is unique because it has survived without change into the twenty-first century. The building and equipment have been carefully preserved and offer one of the last remaining examples of homestead ranching in San Diego County. The following is a brief history of how and why the Bumann Ranch was constructed.


In December 1884, Herman Friedrich Bumann arrived in Southern California as part of a German colony called Colony Olivenhain.  Herman and the other colonists had invested their savings and future into a land they had never seen. In less than six months, the Colony began to unravel.  There were many reasons, including fraud by the organizers and insufficient water on the Colony land. Disappointment gripped the colonists, and within two years, 80% would leave and abandon the Olivenhain settlement.  Sometime in 1886, Herman Bumann left the Colony and homesteaded 160 acres one mile east of Colony land. Part of this homestead and its improvements are now called the Bumann ranch. 


During the homestead period Herman constructed a two-mile perimeter fence, cleared and plowed fields, constructed a small barn, and dug a water well.  Herman’s home was a 10 x 12 ft. shanty where he lived for six years. Finally, in early 1892, Herman was awarded a patent to the homestead and became the legal owner. In early 1893, a 24 X 28 ft. ranch house was built. By mid-1893, Herman had a 160-acre ranch with three buildings, four horses and his good health. 


Herman and Emma Bumann. December 1893


In 1893, Herman married Emma Marie Junker.  Emma had only known the city but was now living on an isolated, mostly unimproved, homestead ranch.  She loved the ranch and became a major contributor to its development. Herman and Emma would have 12 healthy children, five boys and seven girls, all born and raised on the ranch property.


The years from 1894 to 1920 became a period of growth for the ranch. Adjacent properties were purchased in 1909 and 1918 increasing the ranch size to 480 acres.  Seven additional buildings were added, including: a granary, bunk house, reaper barn, bee shed and a second hay barn. Animals included four work horses, 25 cows plus calves and bull, several hundred chickens, four pigs and 30 bee boxes. Field crops included wheat, barley and oat hay which were grown on up to 60 acres of cultivated land. This was a working ranch, which at the end of any day, Herman and Emma would confirm.


Emma, Herman, and baby William feeding chickens, July 1916


The many years of hard labor combined with tobacco use strained Herman’s health. He died in February 1926. With the help of the children, Emma continued the ranch operation for another ten years. Emma Marie Bumann passed away in February 1936


Herman C. Bumann cutting oats June, 1935


The estate divided the ranch property between the twelve children. All the children would leave the ranch except Herman Charles Bumann, who would, on a reduced scale, continue the ranch operation for many years. Herman C. inherited the part of the land with the ranch building and equipment. He alone would continue the ranch operation, and through his maintenance and preservation, efforts would allow the Bumann ranch to continue unchanged. As time passed, Herman’s small income could no longer satisfy the rising taxes. He started selling land in the late 1950’s; and by 1971, only ten acres remained. Herman kept the portion of the land with the ranch yard and buildings. Herman had reached his senior years and often worried, who would take over the ranch? Who would take care of him?

Richard and Adeline with their dog Patches March, 2010.


Richard and Adeline (Twink) Bumann moved to the ranch in 1985. Their home had running water, but electricity was not connected for six months. Herman chuckled "What’s the problem, I’ve lived here without electricity for 80 years!"  Animals were reintroduced, including cats, dogs, chickens, horse, pigs and cattle. Four acres of oat hay was planted to feed the cattle.  


Herman Charles Bumann passed away in January 1994.  Richard and Adeline alone would continue the preservation and operation of the Bumann Ranch. Four generations of the Bumann family have called it home and now the Bumann Ranch is historically honored to be on the National Register of Historic Places.


City of Encinitas SeeClickFix App

Do you ever see issues around Olivenhain that you would love to let the City of Encinitas know about?  Pot holes, broken sprinklers in the public right-of-way, a fallen tree, broken public park playground equipment and more can be reported with the SeeClickFix app and website.   SeeClickFix is used to report non-emergency issues to the City. If you are on a desktop computer, you can click this link, fill out, and submit: SeeClickFix.

Even easier is the mobile app which will give you the ability to report a problem on the go.  SeeClickFix is available for download for iphone in the App Store and also on Google Play.


Olivenhain July 4th Family Picnic Celebration

Saturday, Jul. 4 (specific time TBA)

The OTC is looking for a talented and eager person to help organize the Olivenhain July 4th celebration. This is a great Olivenhain tradition dating back to the very early days of the Colony that we wish to bring back for the community. Lots of help, guidance, and support will be available from the OTC Board -- we are just looking for someone as the 'point person' to help organize this event. If you are interested, please contact Carla Pryor at [email protected] for further information.



Olivenhain Fire Safe Council Inaugural Meeting

postponed until further notice



Mark Your Calendars (OTC 2020 Events):


  • Olivenhain Meeting Hall & Grounds volunteer cleanup: 


  • 48th Annual Olivenhain Brat & Beer Festival: 


  • Annual Olivenhain Town Council Election of Officers: 
        General Meeting on Wednesday, June 3rd at 7:00 pm

              (Tentative, depending on stay-at-home orders)


  • July 4th Family Picnic Celebration (Tentative): 
         Saturday, July 4th


  • 1st Annual Olivenhain Beer Tasting:  
         Saturday, August 15th 


  • Summer Cinema Outdoor Movie Nights: 
         Friday, August 28th and Friday, September 11th at sundown  (Movies for both nights TBD)


  • Olivenhain Oktoberfest: 
         Sunday, October 4th from Noon to 4:00 pm


  • Local Political Candidates Forum (Tentative):
        (Date TBD) 


  • 21st Annual Boy Scout Troop 2000 Haunted Hotel:
        (Friday and Saturday nights in October 9/10, 16/17, 23/24, 30/31) 


  • Olivenhain Holiday Crafts Fair: 
         Saturday, November 14th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm                             

             (Setup on Thursday, and Friday prior to event) 


  • Holiday Decorating of the Olivenhain Mtg. Hall Grounds: 
              Saturday, Dec. 5 from 9:00am to 11:00am


  • Olivenhain Members Holiday Wine Tasting: 
              Friday, December 11th from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm


All events are held at the Olivenhain Meeting Hall, 423 Rancho Santa Fe Rd., unless otherwise noted. 

For more information, please email:   [email protected]


Olivenhain Spirit

Olivenhain Town Council wearables make wonderful gifts, and we have a great selection. Available styles and colors for the t-shirts are available, as well as sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are $30, T-shirts are $15. In addition, 25 oz. glass mugs w/ the Olivenhain logo are $20 & 16 oz. glass mugs w/ the Olivenhain logo are $15. We can deliver locally, or arrange for you to pick up at your convenience. Payment can be made with cash, check or via Venmo. To order, please email [email protected].


In addition, the sturdy, stylish and often-seen Colony Olivenhain metal license plate frames ($30) as well as the Colony Olivenhain history books written by resident and local historian Richard Bumann ($20) are available for purchase at Postal Corner during normal business hours.

 Postal Corner is located at 2240 Encinitas Blvd. Suite D, Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-633-1100

Stay connected!


OTC Facebook Page

If you are interested in getting information and updates on Facebook from the Olivenhain Town council, please "like" and "follow" our new Facebook page:

We will post event updates, history about our town, and community pictures. Please invite your neighbors to like the page as well!

In addition, please visit and like the Olivenhain Town Council on:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/OlivenhainTC
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OTC Membership

Olivenhain is a unique and history rich community. We are fortunate to have the Meeting Hall and grounds for our community events. The colonists had the foresight to set this area aside for the community. If only they know, it would remain the social gathering place in Olivenhain for more than 120 years. The Olivenhain Town Council now manages the grounds and buildings, but in the spirit of the colonists, it belongs to you, the community. When you join the Olivenhain Town Council, it isn’t just a membership; you are helping to preserve and perpetuate our unique heritage. Thank you for your membership and please tell a neighbor and encourage them to also join the Olivenhain Town Council. That can be done on the OTC website: www.olivenhain.org/membership

2019-2020 Olivenhain Town Council Board and Committee Chairs

Town Council Board:

President                 Dan Vaughn            [email protected]
Vice President         Mark Mayer             [email protected]
Secretary                 Mike Shields            [email protected]
Treasurer                 Bob Nortman           [email protected]
Director                    Stan Cole                [email protected]
Director                    Ed Brehm                [email protected]
Director                    Karen Stephen        [email protected]

Committee Chairpersons:

Newsletter               Lisa Perkis                [email protected]
Buildings                 Stan Cole                  [email protected]
Grounds                  Paul Van Slyke          [email protected]
Membership            Mark Mayer               [email protected]
Hall Scheduling       Marolyn Van Slyke    [email protected]
Social Media           Jennifer Bishop          [email protected]
Events                     Ed Brehm                  [email protected]

Olivenhain Town Council web site            www.olivenhain.org

City of Encinitas - City Council's Office

City Council Group E-Mail:
[email protected]

Catherine S. Blakespear
[email protected]


Deputy Mayor
District 3
Jody Hubbard
[email protected]


Council Member
Tony Kranz
District 1
[email protected]


Council Member
District 4
Joe Mosca
[email protected]

Council Member
District 2
Kellie Hinze
(760) 633-2622
[email protected]

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