The challenge :)

The idea of this challenge is to change our corner of the corridor into the Erasmus+ friendly zone.

The place looks like this at present (picture 1 and 2)

You can design the place the way you want.
Some of the suggestions include flags of the partners (Spain, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia and Poland. Maybe also the European Union flag?), board, whiteboard, pictures, paintings… and many more. BE CREATIVE! The title of the project is Building Bridges – but I’m sure you know that.

Don’t forget about the cobblestones from Germany, here’s a quick reminder of what they look like (picture 3 and 4).

You might use the idea as well.

Another suggestion is pens with some logos, name of our school/class, armbands… the only thing that limits you is your imagination! And the budget... The budget is 800-1000 zł. You need to check the prices of the products of your choice.

You can work individually, in groups of two or three. Please let me know by Wednesday (21st of February) the line-up of your group or whether you will work on your own.  You will be asked to present your project. The technique of presentation is up to you. You can draw the design, paint, prepare a presentation, use some computer software, use blotting paper etc. The two things that must be included are the following (picture 5 and 6).

The deadline
for the presentation is 2nd of March (Friday). Your presentation should be about 5mins long, because I am kindly asking you to explain your design, present your ideas and tell the class about the prices of the project.

The winner(s) will get a very important English mark and… yes there is a special prize waiting for you! And… there a huge possibility that YOUR project will be installed on the wall :) FAME!